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[5E OOC] The Further Adventures of James and Illeana

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Spells that create a barrier, such as Physical Barrier or [Element] Wall, create a barrier with a Structure equal to the Force of the spell, and an Armor equal to Force+hits. This is to prevent hilariously flimsy barriers and make these spells actually useful. A magical Barrier is still a Barrier, and is subject to the Penetration Weapons rule; only barriers of sufficiently high Armor will actually stop bullets.

Instead of Alchemy being opposed by Force of the preparation, it is opposed by Force - Alchemist's Skill. Therefore, an Alchemist with an Alchemy skill of 6 casting at Force 6 or lower would roll Magic + Alchemy [Force] unopposed, but if he were to overcast to Force 12, he would be opposed by 6 dice. This makes it easier to create preparations with decent Potency.

Preparations will no longer be nested rolls. The caster will declare the Force and soak drain appropriately when the preparation is created. When it is triggered, the caster will roll Magic + Alchemy (Force) to determine the spell result.

A preparation taking a single box of Physical damage will not make it lose its magic. This would render Disjoining obsolete, as you could disarm preparations without risking Drain just by smacking them. Instead, a sufficiently damaged preparation is immediately triggered.

Damage to a Preparation does not release the magic unless it is completely destroyed/ruined/scraped off the object. Alchemists shouldn't be at a constant risk of self destructing simply from putting their preparations in the same pocket as their car keys.

Flesh Form merges from Inhabitation have half their Force added to the Physical Attributes of the host.

When possessing a living vessel, the enhancement to Physical Attributes is limited by Augmented Maximum. This limitation does not apply to Inhabitation spirits.

Fake magical items made through Artificing stand up to Assensing in addition to Perception tests, using the same thresholds.

In Handling Environments, Catch Up/Break Away is a threshold test based on the complexity of the obstacles as normal. In Speed Environments, Catch Up/Break Away is instead an opposed Vehicle Test, pitting the speed of both drivers against each other.

When crashing, a vehicle is treated as if it rammed itself, resisting with Body+Armor as normal. Half of the unresisted damage is applied to the passengers of the vehicle, resisted with Body+Armor -6 AP. If a passenger is not properly secured (wearing a safety belt/harness), then they must resist the full initial damage of the crash instead, and may be hurled from the vehicle (gamemaster discretion). This may result in further damage from impact with the terrain or other vehicles.

So long as a Vehicle is moving, the driver defends against attacks with Reaction + Intuition. They can choose to use Full Defense, adding their Willpower for the remainder of the Combat Turn, and losing 10 initiative. They can also choose to use Evasive Driving, the equivalent of Gymnastics Dodge, and add their Pilot skill to the defense test. Doing this adds the Handling of the vehicle as a limit to the test.

A vehicle that is not moving does not get to defend against attacks.

The signature table is nonsense. The signature of a given target is dependent on the type of sensor attempting to perceive it; Cameras are subject to vision penalties, Thermographic sensors lock on with heat, MAD sensors lock onto ferrous metal, Radio Signal Sensors lock on to Matrix Icons, etc. etc.

The Sensor Housings table should instead read Sensor Array Housings table. Single Sensors do not have their Ratings limited by the size of the Housing.

Area of Effect attacks
Grenades and area spells can either be aimed at an area (Simple (3) test) or aimed at a specific target (attack roll vs. defense roll.) If you aim at the area, all the targets in the blast radius can (and probably will) use the Run for Your Life interrupt action to escape the blast. If you aim at a specific target, they cannot use this interrupt action; they get their defense roll instead.

The effectiveness of flash-bang grenades and Indirect Area spells (like Fireball) will decrease with range as per a normal grenade (-1 DV per meter). This is to avoid "can't miss" attacks due to the area of effect being larger than the possible distance of the scatter.

All technomancers have an innate ability to establish a Direct Connection to any device they touch. Technomancers can also form PANs.

Resonance abilities do not render properly in the Matrix and can often go undetected. If something does not qualify as an Attack or Sleaze action, the victim would have to make a Matrix Perception check to notice they were the target of something. This includes Resonance Spike. A persona forced to perform an action with Puppeteer is obviously aware it performed an action, but a Device that is Puppeteer'd does not notify its owner.

Base movement rates will generally be HALF of what's listed in the core rule book on p. 162.
Agility = meters per turn walking
Agility * 2 = meters per turn running
Hits on a sprinting test still add 1m/hit for Dwarves and Trolls and 2m/hit for other metatypes.

Name: James Case
Alias: James Anderson (Rating 6), Josh Adams (CAS Rating 5), Arthur VanBrandt (Aztechnology Rating 4), Jonathan Sykes (UCAS Rating 4)
Race: human
Sex: male
Nationality: UCAS
Ancestry: Caucasian
Lifestyle: Traveler
Money: 259,823¥
Karma: 7 All Purpose
Karma Spent:
Physical Description: The man in the van looks just like your average sprawl-dweller. About 180 cm (5'11") tall, weighing appr. 80 kg (175 lbs), his light brown hair is fashionably short, and with his recent time in the woods, he's grown a full beard.  It looks surprisingly natural on him, but so do any number of his outfits and disguises.
Personality/background ?


BodyAgilityReactionStrength56(11)4(7)6(8)CharismaIntuitionLogicWillpower55(9)45(7)EdgeMagic/ResonanceEssenceInitiative5-1.019(16) + 1d6(4d6)ComposureJudge IntentionsLiftMemory121413 120/8011Physical l.Mental l.Social l.Astral l.1086 (8)-Physical boxStun boxOverflowReputation10/1011/120/5?
Positive Qualities
NameKarmaNotesAmbidexterous4- no penalty for using "off" handAgile Defender3- Use Agility in place of WIL for Full DefenseBiocompatibility (Cyberware)5- Essence costs reduced by 10%Cyber Singularity Seeker12- + 2 WILExceptional Attribute14- AGIJuryrigger10- +2 dice on juryrigging testsRedliner10- +2 AGI and STRPerfect Time10- Extra Free Action each IPNegative Qualities
NameKarmaNotesCyber-snob-12- Betaware and better onlySocial Stress-8- Ares Employees
Active Skills
Firearms Group8Athletics Group6Close Combat Group7Stealth Group6Armorer4Computer (Matrix Perception)4(6)Con (Fast Talk)6Cybertechnology4Demolitions4Disguise (Camouflage)6(8)Diving (Military)4(6)Electronic Warfare4Escape Artist3Etiquette (Corp)4(6)Exotic Ranged Weapon (Laser)(Rifle)9(11)Exotic Melee Weapon (Monofilament Garrote)2First Aid4Free-Fall (Halo)4(6)Gunnery4Hardware3Heavy Weapons (Grenade Launchers)4(6)Instruction4Intimidation6Leadership (Rally)6(8)Locksmith4Navigation4Negotiation5Palming6Perception (Visual)6(8)Pilot Aircraft2Pilot Ground Craft4Pilot Water Craft2Survival4Throwing Weapons (Aerodynamic)4(6)Tracking (Urban)2 (4)Unarmed Combat (Cyber Implants)7(9)
Knowledge Skills
Alcohol                    : 3 [Whiskey - Tequila - Wine - Beer] Pool: 8 (10)
Architecture               : 2 [Blueprints]         Pool: 6 (8)
Area Knowledge: Atlanta    : 2                      Pool: 6
Area Knowledge: Denver     : 1                      Pool: 6
Area Knowledge: Manhattan  : 3 [Midtown]            Pool: 8 (10)
Area Knowledge: Seattle    : 2 [Downtown]           Pool: 7 (9)
Area Knowledge: Sekondi    : 1                      Pool: 5
Area Knowledge: Boston    : 3                      Pool: 12
Area Knowledge: Frankfurt    : 1                      Pool: 10
Area Knowledge: Prague    : 1                      Pool: 10
Biology                    : 4 [Anatomy]            Pool: 8 (10)
Business                   : 5 [Megacorp - Finance]           Pool: 9 (11)
Chemistry                  : 1 [Industrial]         Pool: 5 (7)
Chess                      : 3 [Openings - Tactics ] Pool: 7 (9)
Datahavens               : 2                      Pool: 7
Economics                  : 3 [UCAS - NAN]         Pool: 7 (9)
Fashion                    : 2 [New York Scene]                     Pool: 7 (9)
Firearms                   : 3                      Pool: 7
Fencing                    : 2 [Olympic]                     Pool: 11 (13)
History                    : 3 [N. America - Military] Pool: 7 (9)
Law                        : 2                      Pool: 6
Literature                 : 2 [Poetry - Crime Fiction] Pool: 6 (8)
Magic Traditions           : 3 [Wicca]              Pool: 6 (8)
Magical Theory             : 1                      Pool: 5
Magical Threats            : 3 [Blood Magic - Insect Spirits] Pool: 7 (9)
Military                   : 4 [Special Forces - Corporate] Pool: 9 (11)
Parabiology                : 3 [HMHVV]              Pool: 7 (9)
Parazoology                : 4 [N. America]         Pool: 8 (10)
Security Design            : 5 [Corporate]          Pool: 10 (12)
Security Tactics           : 5 [Corporate - Rapid Response] Pool: 9 (11)
Shadow Community: Boston  : 2 [Personalities]                    Pool: 11 (13)
Small Unit Tactics         : 5 [Urban]              Pool: 10 (12)
Sprawl Life                : 3                      Pool: 8
Street Drugs               : 1                      Pool: 6
Underworld                 : 2 [Financial Crime]    Pool: 7 (9)
Wildlife                   : 4 [Signs - ID]         Pool: 9 (11)
Language Skills
EnglishNSpanish (Speaking)2(4)Russian1Japanese (Speaking)2(4)Brahmin (Speaking)2(4)
WareEssenceNotesBetaware Synthetic Left Arm.6- STR 6, AGI 6(9), Armor 1Integrated Weapon System: Cyber Spur?- ?Betaware Synthetic Right Arm.6- STR 6, AGI 6(9), Armor 1Integrated Weapon System: Shock Hand?- ?Betawarer Synthetic left Leg.6- STR 6, AGI 6(9), Armor 1Hydraulic Jacks?- Rating 6Betaware Synthetic Right Leg.6- STR 6, AGI 6(9), Armor 1Hydraulic Jacks?- Rating 6Betaware Synthetic Torso.9- ?Internal Air Tank?- Rating 3Smuggling Compartment?- ?Cyber Eyes.24- Rating 3: Smartlink, Flare Compensation, Thermographic Vision, Vision Magnification, Low-light vision, Vision Enhancement (Rating2)Synaptic Boosters1.05- Rating 3Tailored Pheromones.28- Rating 2Implanted Leviathan Technical Tempest.12- Rating 7, Stealth Dongle 4
Defiance EX Shocker- smartlink; acc6, 9S(e), -5AP, SS, RC0, ammo4(m); 10 taser dartsAres Light Fire 70- smartlink; acc9, 6P, -0AP, SA, RC0, ammo16(c); 16 gel rounds, 10 tracker roundsAres Crusader II- smartlink, Gas Vent II, Concealed Quick-Draw Holster; acc7, 7P, -0AP, SA/BF, RC2, ammo 40(c); 70 regular rounds, 40 (APDS), 40 (EX-Explosive)Ares Lancer MP Laser- smartlink (External), sling; acc, 7P, -10AP, SA, RC0, ammo 2X10(c); 40 Power Pack chargesAres Light Fire 70- smartlink; acc9, 6P, -0AP, SA, RC0, ammo16(c); 16 gel roundsAres Alpha- smartlink, sling, Gas Vent III, Sound Suppressor, Personalized Grip, Shock Pad, 2 spare mags; acc8, 11P, -2AP, SA/BF/FA, RC1(4), ammo42(c); 172 (APDS), 50 (Gel), 90(EX-Explosive), 20 (Capsule: DMSO, Narcojet), 6 Mini-grenades (Flash-Bang), 12 Mini-grenades (High Explosive), 5 Mini-grenades (Gas: DMSO, Narcojet), 5 Mini-grenades (Thermal Smoke)Ares Alpha- smartlink; acc8, 11P, -2AP, SA/BF/FA, RC1(4), ammo42(c); 20 (Explosive), 6 Mini-grenades (High Explosive)Ares Light Fire 75- smartlink, Personalized grip, silencer, Spare mag; acc9, 6P, -0AP, SA, RC0, ammo16(c); 16 gel rounds, 20 Capsule rounds (Narcojet, DMSO)Ares Predator V- smartlink, Personalized grip, Concealed Quick-draw holster, Spare mag; acc8, 8P, -1AP, SA, RC0, ammo15(c); 30 regular rounds, 30 gel rounds, Ares Desert Strike- smartlink (External), Shock Pad, Personalized Grip, Imaging Scope, Bipod, Sound Suppressor, 2 Spare mags; acc10, 13P, -4AP, SA, RC0, ammo14(c); 30 (Ex-Explosive), 80 (APDS), 10 (Tracker)Monofilament Garrote- acc5, 14P, -8AP
Ares Armored Survivalist- Armor 8, Insulation 4Ballistic Mask- Armor +2, Select Sound Filter 1, Spatial Recognizer, Audio Enhancement 2Ares Globetrotter Jacket- Armor 12, Insulation 2, Fire Protection 2, Auto Injector, Pulse Weave 4, Nonconductivity 3, Chemical Protection 2, HolsterAres Victory: Rapid Transit- Armor 9Ghillie Suit (Snow)- Armor 4, Restrictive, Insulation 2, Thermal Damping 2Ghillie Suit (Urban)- Armor 4, Restrictive, Chemical Protection 2, Thermal Damping 2Ghillie Suit (Woods)- Armor 4, Restrictive, Thermal Damping 4Chameleon Suit- Armor 9, Ruthenium Polymer Coating 4,Auto Injector, Pulse Weave 4
== Martial Arts ==
   +Close Quarter Defense Against Firearms
   +Close Quarter Firearms (Pistols)
   +Multiple Opponent Defense (Friends in Melee)
   +Oaken Stance (Defense Against Being Charged)
   +Oaken Stance (Defense Against Being Knocked Down)
   +Strike the Darkness

Wrestling (Sport)

==CFD Powers==
1) Attribute boost: Simple Action. Roll 6 dice. Each hit allows you to raise one Physical attribute by 1 point. The effect lasts for [Hits] Combat Turns. After than, you soak [Hits] drain. The soak test isn't in the rules but I don't see why this should be worse than what an adept goes through, so we'll say BOD+WIL to resist. That's 12 dice, which should result in mostly drain-free boosting. James' Agility is maxed out but he has some room for gains on his other physical attributes.
2) Toxin Resistance: James gets bonus dice to resist toxins, should he encounter them.
3) Adrenal Control: James can continue operating for a short while if his Stun or Physical condition monitors are filled.

?- ?
Hermes Ikon- DR5Metalink- DR1Metalink- DR1Renraku Sensei- DR3Leviathan Cyclone- DR5White Noise Generator- Rating 6Area Jammer- Rating 4
?- ?
James Anderson- 6Josh Adams- 5Joseph Shimko- 4, Pueblo Corporate Council, Concealed Carry Permit, Restricted Cyberware License[/s]
Jonathan Aarons (Presumed Burned)- 3 United Canadian and American StatesComodoro Dario Liso- 2 AztlanJonathan Sykes- 4, UCAS, Concealed Carry Permit, Restricted Cyberware LicenseArthur VanBrandt- 4, Aztechnology, Concealed Carry Permit, Restricted Cyberware License
Concealed quick-draw holster- under jacket, -1 Concealability, quick-draw threshold is 2; wireless: -1 ConcealabilityConcealed holster- ankle, -1 Concealability; wireless: -1 ConcealabilityHidden arm slide- right arm, -1 Concealability, quick-draw threshold is 2; wireless: Ready Weapon is Free
Datachip x10
Stealth Tags x10
Barrens Dweller Kicks
Doctor's Kicks
Maintenance Worker Jumpsuit
Nova Hot Clubbing Kicks
Rural-type kicks
Urban Anonymous Wage-slave Kicks
Gecko Tape Gloves
Lockpick Set
Medkit Rating 3 x2
Medkit Rating 6
Restraint, Metal x2
Restraint, Plastic x10
Slap Patch, Stim Patch Rating 6 x4
Slap Patch, Trauma Patch x2
Survival Kit
Tool Kit (Cyberware)
Tool Kit (Firearms)
White Noise Generator Rating 6
RFID tag X10
Microwire (200 meters)

== Vehicles ==
Hyundai Shin-Hyung (Sport Sedan)
   +Morphing License Plate
   +Smuggling Compartment (Troll)
   +Spoof Chips
   +Sensor Array Rating 2
      +Ultrasound Rating 2
      +Motion Sensor Rating 2
      +Camera Rating 2
      +Omni-directional Microphone Rating 2

ContactC/LRhodes?Uncle Sam1/5Chino1/5Doc1/5Ohanzee2/5Casper2/1Nicole Dougherty (Doctor)3/1Ray Demeco (Arms Dealer3/1
In Frankfurt
Berwick Suit- Armor 9, Non-Conductivity 5Ballistic Mask- Armor +2, Gas Mask, Low-light flashlight, Motion Sensor (5), Ultrasound (5)Ares Globetrotter Jacket- Armor 12, Non-Conductivity 4Ares Predator V- Smartlink, Concealed Quick-draw holster; acc8, 8P, -1AP, SA, RC0, ammo15(c); 50 SnSAres Alpha- smartlink, sling, Gas Vent III, Sound Suppressor, Personalized Grip, Shock Pad, 2 spare mags; acc8, 11P, -2AP, SA/BF/FA, RC1(4), ammo42(c); 50 APDS, 50 SnSDefiance EX Shocker- smartlink, Hidden Arm-slide; acc6, 9S(e), -5AP, SS, RC0, ammo4(m); 50 taser dartsAres Crusader II- smartlink, Gas Vent II, Concealed Quick-Draw Holster, Personalized Grip; acc8, 7P, -0AP, SA/BF, RC2, ammo 40(c); 50 APDS 50 Narcojet/DMSOAres Light Fire 75- smartlink; Hidden Arm-slide, Spare mag; acc9, 6P, -0AP, SA, RC0, ammo16(c); 50 APDS, 50 Narcojet/DMSOMedkit (6)
Lockpick Set
Stealth Tags
Mage Hood.
Mage Cuffs
Subvocal Mic
2 Hidden Arm-slides
5 HE minigrenades
5 Flash-bang minigrenades
BMW X-89

Default Settings for gear, ware, and Wireless:
Polite Society
No Cyber runs with Wireless On, with the exception of the following, all of which is slaved to the active Commlink:
Hydraulic Jacks
Internal Air Tank
Side Arm(s)
Concealable Holster
Quick-draw Holster
Armor and Clothing

Going Hot
No Cyber runs with Wireless On, with the exception of the following, all of which is slaved to the Leviathan Technical Tempest:
Hydraulic Jacks
Internal Air Tank
Cyber Eyes
Concealable Holster
Quick-draw Holster
--Trauma Patch
All firearms, including Smartgun systems
--Exception: the Ares Redline never runs Wireless On.
Chameleon Suit, if worn
Ares Globetrotter Jacket, if worn
Ballistic Mask
Trauma Patch

Going Sneaky
All Wireless functionality is turned off.  The Going Hot setup is the default for turning Wireless On.

Current Load Out
Arthur VanBrandt SIN (Aztechnology)+
Berwick Suit +
Leviathan Cyclone +
Defiance EX-Shocker +
Arm Slide for same+
Predator V
Concealed Quick-draw holster for same
Rating 6 Stimpatch
Trauma Patch

All gear with a "+" is running either Wireless On, or publicly broadcast and linked to the Leviathan Cyclone.  All Cyberware is slaved to the implanted Leviathan Tempest, and is running Wireless Off. 

Edge remaining: 2/5
Edge Burned: 0

Name: Illeana Anghelescu
Alias: Katsina, Ivana, The Masked Woman
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Nationality: Saeder-Kruppian?
Ancestry: Romanian
Lifestyle: Traveler, permanent
Money: ¥0 (all invested, but regular expenses come out of lifestyle)
Karma Spent: 75 karma + 0 knowledge karma
Current Karma: 12 karma + 43 knowledge karma
Physical Description:Varies. By default, she is 1.75m and 55kg. Her long, dark hair pools on her shoulders, and frames her ballistic mask that has a Wiccan pentagram carved ornately on its face. She wears a lined coat over a black jumpsuit, boots, and gloves. She's completely covered, with no skin or other physical features visible.
Personality/background Helpful. As a follower of Hecate, Katsina must render aid to those who truly ask for it. She also tends to render aid to those that don't ask for it. This is balanced by her need for blood to survive, although she tends to downplay this as much as possible. She seems to regret what she is, rather than flaunting it like some vampires do.

BodyAgilityReactionStrength5644 (8)LogicIntuitionWillpowerCharisma56 (10)65EdgeMagicEssenceInitiative58 (6 ED)44d6 + 18Physical l.Mental l.Social l.Astral l.6 (9)8 (9)10 @ 12 Ess.8 (9)Physical boxStun boxOverflow0/110/110
Positive Qualities
NameNotesAstral Chameleon-2 to read her astral signaturesFocus Concentration VI     can sustain F6 spell with no penaltyGuts+2 to resist fear and intimidationMentor SpiritFire-Bringer. +2 Alchemy, +2 ManipulationPerceptive II+2 Perception and AssensingPerfect TimeExtra Free Action, always knows the time to the minuteCarromelegCounterstrike, Iaijutsu, Imposing Stone, Riposte, Shadow Block, Stagger
Negative Qualities
NameNotesAmenesiadoesn't remember much before February 1, 2075Emotional Attachment (Mask)     -1 if not using this gearInfertile Infectednot InfectiousFaceless-2 on Social tests unless disguised or concealedRecords on FileSaeder-KruppWantedBlack Lodge offering ¥75,000
Active Skills
Skill GroupRating          NotesEnchanting Skill Group8+2 Alchemy focus, +2 Mentor SpiritSorcery Skill Group7+2 Manipulation from Mentor SpiritStealth Skill Group6Traceless Walk, Vampire Stealth spellConjuring Skill Group4Athletics Skill Group3Celerity, Hang Time, lack of buoyancy...Skill (Spec)Rating          NotesA.ssensing (Aura Reading)8 (10)+2 Perceptive IIAstral Combat (sword focus)     7 (9)+2 weapon focusBlades (Swords)7 (9)+2 weapon focusArcana (Foci, Initiation)6 (8)Throwing Weapons (Blades)6 (8)Intimidation6+2 limit from maskArtisan (Carving, Cooking)5 (7)Perception (Hearing, Smell)5 (7)+3 Vision from Mask, +2 Perceptive II, the "specializations" are vampire enhanced sensesTracking4Armorer (Blades)3 (5)Unarmed Combat (Bite)3 (5)Con3Etiquette3Instruction3Animal Handling (farm animals)2 (4)Computer2Navigation (celestial)1 (3)First Aid1Negotiation1
Knowledge Skills
Area KnowledgeRating          NotesArea Knowledge: Romania     6Area Knowledge: Czech Republic (Prague)     4 (6)Area Knowledge: Allied German States     4Area Knowledge: NAN (PCC)     3 (5)Area Knowledge: UCAS     3MagicalRating          NotesMagical Theory6Magical Traditions (Wicca)4 (6)Magical Societies4Magical Threats4All OthersRating          NotesFinance (Personal Investing)6 (8)The Infected (Vampires)6 (8)History (Medieval, Post-Awakening)4 (6)Pre-Modern Peasant Life (European)4 (6)Recipes (Romanian)3 (5)Economics3Politics3Religion3Fashion (Women's)2 (4)Hematology (Metahuman)2 (4)Literature (European)2 (4)Music (Baroque)2 (4)Underworld (Street Docs)2 (4)Art (Gothic)1 (3)
Language Skills
Adept Powers
NameCost     NotesAdrenaline Boost II0.50+4 Initiative (free action), soak 2 drainCloak II0.50+2 to oppose Detection spellsCritical Strike (Blades, Unarmed)1.00+1 DVEnhanced Accuracy (Blades)0.25+1 AccuracyPrecision Throwing III0.75+6 Strength when determining rangeHang Time0.25+1 climbing, can adhere to walls for 5 minutesLinguistics0.25Intuition+Logic vs. Threshold (6 hours)Missile Mastery1.00+1 die, +1 DV, can throw non-weapons for (Str)DV, Acc 3Nimble Fingers0.25+1 Palming, some Simple Actions now FreeSustenance0.25Only needs one meal per dayTraceless Walk1.00-4 Perception checks to detect with hearing
Spells and Preparations
Spell NameCategoryRangeTypeDamageDurationDrainDefaultSourceNotesPowerbladeCombatSpecialMPSF - 2F6 / D4HT, p. 192Damage = Force, Accuracy = Force, Range = 1Analyze TruthDetectionTMN/ASF - 2F6 / D4SR5, p. 286General knowledge > major details > minor details > detailed informationAstral ClairvoyanceDetectionTMN/ASF - 3F6 / D3SG, p. 106Range = Force * MagicDetect Enemies (Extended)DetectionTMN/ASFF3 / D3SR5, p. 286Range = Force * Magic * 10Alleviate Allergy (Sunlight)HealthTMN/ASF - 6F6 / D2SG, p. 109Every net hit reduces the allergy level by oneAlleviate Allergy (wood)HealthTPN/ASF - 6F6 / D2SG, p. 109Every net hit reduces the allergy level by oneOxygenateHealthTPN/ASF - 5 F7 / D2SR5, p. 288breathe underwater, hits = extra dice to resist suffocation, strangulation, etc.StabilizeHealthTMN/APF - 4F6 / D2SR5, p. 289Force must equal or exceed the overflow damage already takenVampiric SpeedHealthS(A)PN/ASF - 2F6 / D4SSP, p. 20+1 meter per hit walking/running rate, +1 Initiative per hitVampiric StealthHealthSMN/ASF - 3F6 / D3SSP, p. 20+1 Sneaking per hit (max 5)DreamIllusionLOSMN/ASF - 3F6 / D3SG, p. 111Craft a dream sequence (including visuals, sounds, emotions, etc.)ForebodingIllusionLOS (A)MN/ASF - 3F6 / D3SG, p. 112–1 modifier per net hit, >WIL incapacitatedPhysical MaskIllusionTPN/ASF - 1F4 / D3SR5, p.291change physical characteristicsCatchManipulationLOSPN/AIF - 2 F6 / D4HT, p. 191Force = kilos, Range = MagicControl EmotionsManipulationLOSMN/ASF - 1F4 / D3SS, p. 21"conducting actions opposed to the emotion invoke a –2 dice pool penalty"FashionManipulationT(A)PN/APF - 1F5 / D4SG, p. 115tailors and repairs clothingFlingManipulationLOSPN/AIF - 2 F6 / D4SR5, p. 293(Force) kilograms, Spellcasting = to hit test, Strength = Magic, standard grenade rangesIgniteManipulationLOSPPF - 1F5 / D4SR5, p. 293vs. Object Resistance, or vs. Body+Reaction (if living)InfluenceManipulationLOSMN/APF - 1F4 / D3SR5, p. 293"a powerful post-hypnotic command"LevitateManipulationLOSPN/ASF - 2F6 / D4SR5, p. 293Hits * 200kg, Force = meters per Combat TurnMana BindManipulationLOSMN/ASF - 2F5 / D3SG, p. 114Every net hit reduces target's Agility by 1Magic FingersManipulationLOSMN/ASF - 2F5 / D3SR5, p. 294Hits = STR and AGI...Preparation NameCategoryRangeTypeDamageDurationDrainDefaultSourceNotesDestroy Groundcraft / Aircraft (preparations)CombatLOSPPIF - 3F6 / D3+2SG, p. 103Use Command triggerFireball (preparation)CombatLOS (A)PPIF - 1F4 / D3+2SR5, p. 284Use Command trigger so you don't KO yourselfKnockout (preparation)CombatTMSIF - 6F6 / D2+2SR5, p. 284Use Command trigger so you don't KO yourselfCombat Sense (preparation)DetectionT (preparation)MN/A(Potency) minutesF + triggerF3 / D3+1SR5, p. 305Hits = +1 Reaction on Surprise tests, +1 Defense (melee or ranged)Heal (preparation)HealthT (preparation)MN/APF - 4 + 2F5 / D1+2SR5, p. 288Hits = boxes healedIncrease Intuition (Preparation)HealthTPN/A(Potency) minutesF - 3F6 / D3+2SR5, p. 288Increase Reflexes (preparation)HealthT (preparation)PN/A(Potency) minutesF + 2F3 / D3+2SR5, p. 288Each hit adds +1 to the target’s Initiative, and every two hits adds one Initiative DieIncrease Strength (preparation)HealthT (preparation)PN/A(Potency) minutesF - 3 + 2F4 / D1+2SR5, p. 288Force must equal or exceed base value. Hits = bonusEuphoria (preparation)IllusionLOSMN/A(Potency) minutesF - 3F6 / D3+1SG, p. 111Physical Camouflage (preparation)IllusionLOSPN/A(Potency) minutesFF4 / D4+1SG, p. 111Catfall (preparation)ManipulationLOSPN/A(Potency) minutesF - 3F6 / D3+1SG, p. 114Physical Barrier (preparation)     Manipulation     LOS (A) (preparation)     P     N/A     (Potency) minutes     F - 1 + trigger     F4 / D3+1     SR5, p. 294     Structure = Force, Armor = Force+hits, Light Fog, Structure regenerates each Combat Turn
Metamagics, Initiate Level 7
Masking (+2 Masking focus)
Extended Masking
Flexible Signature
Centering (+4 Centering focus, usually used only for alchemical preparations)
Greater Ritual

Quickened Spells
Herself: Increase Strength (F6, 4 hits), Increase Reflexes (F6, 4 hits), Physical Mask (F6, 6 hits), Detect Enemies Extended (F6, 4 hits), Combat Sense (F6, 4 hits), Alleviate Allergy [Sunlight] (F6, 4 hits), Increase Intuition (F6, 4 hits)
Others: Combat Sense on Ace (F6, 4 hits), Increase Intuition (F6, 4 hits)

Combat: Fire
Detection: Water
Health: Plant
Illusion: Air
Manipulation: Earth

Contact     Profession     C/L     DariaWiccan?/?
Lined Coat (armor 9)
     - Insulation 2
     - Non-Conductivity 2
     - Concealed Quick Draw sheath [4]
     - Gear Access (concealed pockets) [1]

Form Fitting Body Armor (8)
     - Features: Custom Fit, Concealability
     - Insulation 3 (for Cold Weather) or Non-Conductivity 3 (for Regular Use)

Argentum Coat (12 / +4)
     - Features: Custom Fit (Stack), increase Social Limit by 1, –3 modifier for Concealability
     - Wireless Bonus: +1 dice pool bonus to Social Tests
     - Concealed Quick Draw sheath [4]
     - Gear Access [1]
     - Non-Conductivity 4
     - Fire Resistant 3
     - Chemical Protection 2
     - Masking Focus 2

Ballistic Mask - +2 Armor, +2 Social Limit to Intimidation [8]
     - Enchanting Focus 2: "with a Wiccan pentagram ornately carved into its face"
     - Fairlight Caliban (rating 7) [2]
     - trodes [1] = DNI
     - Vision Enhancement [3]
     - Internal Air Tank [1]
     - Cyberware Scanner (Rating 8) [1]
     - Maglock (Rating 6)

12 throwing knives (one has Structure -1 from RV crash damage)
     - Acc 6 (9), 5P (9P), AP -1
     - Ranges: 14 / 28 / 42 / 70 (due to Precision Throwing III)

Highland Forge Claymore weapon focus
     - Force 2
     - Acc 7, Reach 2, 9P (13P), AP -5
     - Personalized Grip
     - Concealability +6 (+2 while sheathed in Lined Coat)

Victorinox Memory Blade: Dagger
     - Acc 5, Reach 0, 5P (9P), AP -2
     - –4 in order to detect the weapon as a bracelet
     - Complex Action to harden and/or become flexible

Victorinox Memory Blade: Sword
     - Acc 5, Reach 1, 6P (10P), AP -2
     - –4 in order to detect the weapon as a belt
     - Complex Action to harden and/or become flexible

Fake SIN (R1 or R2)
     - Ivana Kutchukokoph
     - Aztechnology Corporate Limited SIN
     - Japanese Elf, Age 18
     - bogus licenses (Registered Awakened, Concealed Carry, Anonymity, to Kill)

Fake SIN (R6)
     - Illeana Anghelescu
     - Saeder-Krupp Limited SIN
     - Caucasian Human, Age 23
     - Registered Awakened (Spellcaster and Enchanter)
     - Talismonger License (An international license permitting you to operate as a Talismonger)
     - Weapon Focus License (Claymore)
     - Enchanting Focus License (Mask)
     - Masking Focus License (Coat)
     - Centering Focus License (Carving knife)

0 Reagents

Team Inventory
7 high explosive grenades
2 smoke grenades (regular, not thermal)
2 flash-bang grenades
1 chemical grenade (tear gas)
1 stim patch (Rating 6)
1 trauma patch
1 alchemy kit
1 gecko tape gloves
1 binoculars (optical)
1 Rating 6 medkit

I've spent the rest of Ace's Karma on upping Tracking from 1 to 2.  I also added some mods to the Ballistic Mask, and have corrected the nuyen total.

I'm still working on Illeana's sheet. It's getting close although she has a lot more spells coming. It's going to take me a while to update the table with all of them.

She will be calling James by his given name in private and will prefer to be called Illeana privately. Katsina and/or Mask will be her runner's aliases. "Kat" might be a pet name between her and James.

Given the fact that the two of them are living together, they will have a very good understanding of the other person's capabilities. James might not have memorized the full list of the spells she knows, but he'll have a good sense of what she can and can't do.

I really liked the original Sioux Nation location book and read it twice. I just finished both Cheyenne and Butte and thought they were busts. I actually liked Starving the Masses better, although that's an adventure that takes place in the Sioux Nation; it's not a location book.

I'm going to get the first IC post up this afternoon. There's not a 100% perfect way to kick this off, so we'll just kind of jam our way through the initial steps. A montage would be great but, frankly, is too much of a commitment to write all at once. I think we'll pick it up about 3 months down the line, then hopscotch our way forward a month or two at a time as necessary.


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