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General Discussion / Re: Magic tech
« Last post by whitelaughter on <05-22-24/2254:47> »
Something I would expect to see more of is permanent Analyse Device spells on useful pieces of equipment.
General Discussion / Re: What is your favorite Insect Spirit?
« Last post by whitelaughter on <05-22-24/2248:30> »
Worth noting that in most editions, you can give an Ally any powers of any spirit you can summon. So if you have the True Name of a Free Mantis spirit, you can give your Ally the ability to *eat* insect spirits.

Of course, the spirit isn't going to be happy with you having its' name, so best to pay it for the privilege of having the anme while you make the Ally and then giving up the name.
Would love to eventually form an in person Sixth World group, I will GM if no one else will.  Message me, I hope we can find a reasonable sized group of people to Run the Shadows!

Gear / Re: SR6: Ultra-glide Lube
« Last post by cuidaBeja on <05-21-24/1950:39> »
Yeah that seems about right
Maybe a premium version can have its effect fade on a gas attack table timeline. Chemically feasible and corporately responsible
Gear / Re: SR6: Ultra-glide Lube
« Last post by FastJack on <05-21-24/0741:18> »
Just take a Chemical grenade (Firing Squad, p. 36) and replace the Corrosive effect and damage with the following:

Code: [Select]
      DV GZ              DV Close        DV Near    Blast
Immobilized/Prone     Dazed, Hobbled     Hobbled     15m
Gear / SR6: Ultra-glide Lube
« Last post by Tai-Pan on <05-20-24/2230:51> »
Iíve been a bit out of the loop for a bit have Lube Grenades been phased out this edition?
Forum Business / Re: Testing...
« Last post by Reaver on <05-14-24/1938:09> »
Have to admit, I was getting nervous....
Forum Business / Re: Testing...
« Last post by Xenon on <05-14-24/1841:49> »

Welcome back online!
Errata / Re: Emerald City Errata
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <05-14-24/0200:44> »
Pg 72 - "Council Island Access" quality lists two levels, but only gives game mechanics for one.
Rules and such / Re: What Doesn't Kill You
« Last post by KarmaInferno on <05-14-24/0130:02> »
I guess this should probably apply for the other Emerald City Qualities re-printed in the corebooks, as a few others also have different Karma values.
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