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Added <<Blossom>> Gnome Anti-mage [Sum-10]

Added a pair this time:

<<Cobweb>> Human Dancer & Socialite [Sum-10]
<<Corsair>> Orc Dancer [Sum-10]

This is my current character (and namesake). One of the players in the group was trying to talk the other players out of playing anything other than an ordinary human and said Surges were completely unplayable because they were ostracized like mutants in Marvel. I didn't like it (since I was pretty sure he had not even read a lot of the setting material), so I made Brysen Blue.

Brysen is a parody take on the 2075 equivalent of "Social Justice Warrior", he is constantly harping on about Blue Oppression and constantly finds a way to make EVERYTHING about race or predigest when there obviously is none. Because everyone was so apprehensive to make their first characters I decided to pick a neash that wouldn't impose on other character choices. So I made him as an anti-mage specialist. He has a transforming smartgun he calls Felicity that is his best (and only friend); who is a heavily modified Bust-a-Move drone.

Despite starting out as a joke, the character has proven to be really successful and I am surprised at how easy it is to manipulate people who are not racist and do not WANT to be seen as a racist. Its actually really helped us out. Despite his low social skills, he has been a great face and comes off a fair bit like a Venture Bros character where he owns his failure and short-comings and it (ironically) makes him more endearing than insufferable.

I know a lot of folks talk up their own characters, but Brysen is a real winner. He was basically PC Principle from South Park before PC Principal had even been introduced into the show. A couple of players insisted I base a comic book off his adventures in the shadows (much to my surprise).

This is his back story:

[spoiler]Shortly following his birth Brysen Blue was 'liberated' from the Xavior Foundation by a team of Shadowrunners in the employ of the North American branch of Yamatetsu.

For the first several years of his life he was kept in iscolation and endured daily testing and analysis. Iscolated from other children Brysen retreated into fantasy.

At age 11, Yamatetsu transitioned into the Evo Corporation and a number of the personel responsible for Brysen's care were we reassigned, leaving an opening in their security. An opening that would be exploited by a team of Elven Espionage agents in the employ of the Xavior Foundation.

However, during his relocation an argument broke out between the running crew regarding Brysen's welfare which resulted in the  death of three of the four runners and Bysen being delievered into the care of an orphanage.

Due to his unusual appearence Brysen was never adopted, spending most of his time day dreaming and searching (and inventing) a cultural identity of his own; a veil for the deep feelings of loneliness and iscolation that occupy his thoughts daily.

Unclaimed and SINless, Brysen was forced into a life in the shadows where he makes a living dealing with problem spellcasters.[/spoiler]

His current character sheet is attached. His "way" is the "Way of Batman," basically he started with low skills, keeps the fact he is a karate master a bit of a secret (since its a joke that he is a Karate Master) and no real "projection" powers. So basically, he (and me as a player) had to dip into a bit of everything wherever I could. I ended up covering his blind-spots with drones that do his perception for him. As the campaign has continued on I have found he has depended more and more on drones to make up for his lack of skills. Even retooling an Aztec Crawler so he can wear it like a backpack (a bit like Gear out of Static Shock if anyone knows the reference). He's by no means a "rigger" though or a decker, and if they can bust the fire wall he is actually quite vulnerable to drones.

Truthfully, most of what Brysen does is talk. He is a really bad face, but he has a keen intuition and usually lays down support or supressive fire during combat. He is the guy that recovers downed allies and makes trick shots. Its true he would be more "mechanically effective" as a Mystic Adept so he could also take Counter Spelling, but this was my first character and I needed the money for gear. Since I wanted a cool toy robot sidekick that could transform into a gun when needed.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Interesting.  As a GM, I would definitely not allow both the Melanin Control power and give you points for the Striking Skin / Unusual Hair NQs, since you can change them any time you want, though if your GM allows it, more power to ya.

Added <<Serenity>> as a Spiritual Way adept...


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