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This post re Missions FAQ mentions the Kechibi Code… I think I’ve missed that somewhere along the line?! Can someone clarify? Thanks!

--- Quote from: Mycroft on ---Hey chummers,

We have an updated Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide. We have the inclusion of three new books: Double Clutch, The Kechibi Code, and Sixth World Core Rulebook Seattle Edition. In addition to those books, we spent some time trying to make availability clearer and also added some revision for alchemists. We also added some clarity around what types of addictions you can have and what the lifestyle cost is as well as walking through the interaction between Edge and the Wild Die. Finally, the Stolen Gear quality from No Future got a full rewrite to make it more inline with mission play. The rules are essentially the same, but hopefully the new wording helps out.

Stay safe in the shadows!

Shadowrun Sixth World Missions Guide 1.5:
Character Journal:

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Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Heh.  It was a book released at Gen Con.

I don't think the SRM team realized it hasn't yet been made available for general purchase.

The gist... it's a matrix-y plot book.

Look forward to seeing that then :D


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