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I'm not certain I can fully grok the rules here.

What I'm wondering about is: Can I (for example) shoot two pistols at the same time at the same target?

The Multiple Attacks minor action specifies "two different targets", as does the Burst fire firing mode.  Its pretty clear that if I want to attack two different targets, I would split the dice pool and make 2 attacks.  That all makes sense.  It's less clear to me (unless I am missing a later rule) that it's allowable to do a double SA strike on the same target.

Maybe that's the correct read though?  It would make more sense to handle a double SA attack as a narrow burst mechanically anyway, since it also seems a like cheesing the rules to could get a higher baseline DV applied from two pistols than from a single 4 round burst, when you are really sending the same number of rounds at the target.  The "treat as narrow burst" ruling seems simpler. 

Edit: The combat section say this though:

"When making multiple attacks, divide your attacking dice pool by the number of attacks made as evenly as possible."  Does this mean one can use two guns as I'm asking about, or that the Multiple Attacks minor action rule text still applies?  (I would think it does, but I may be wrong)

If you wield only one weapon then you can not make more than one attack against the same target in that action phase (but you can fire more than one bullet at the same target, just that it will be resolved as one single burst attack). In Semi Auto you also have the option to attack three different targets, in Burst fire you have the option to attack two different targets and in Full Auto you have the option to fire at anything that moves within a frontal cone AoE via suppressive fire.

If you wield one weapon in each hand then you can aim at two targets and pull each trigger at the same time and resolve each attack as an individual attack (by splitting your pool and taking multiple attacks. Not clear what will happen if you aim both weapons at the same target and then pull both triggers.

Since the attack is called Multiple Attacks (and not Multiple Targets) I would like to think that you resolve it as two different attacks against the same target (that this is one of the few advantages of dual wielding). This is also how we rule it.

They hint about this in the Throw Weapon section.

SR5 p. 166 Throw Weapon
Multiple readied throwing weapons can be thrown at a target within Short or Medium range by adding a Multiple Attacks Free Action

And Multiple Attacks on p. 110 only mention multiple attacks, not multiple targets.

But the rules are not very clear on this matter!

Looks like there are rules to do it either way, just wondering if there's an intended version, or vagueness on purpose, or what. 

Since adding bullets scales differently, I feel like treating it as a burst for guns, but two separate rolls for multiple melee or thrown weapons makes enough sense to run with if there is an absence of a clear official rule.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
There isn't an allowance for "dual wielding", per se.  At least not in the sense of spending 1 major action to attack with 2 different weapons.

If you are going all Wolverine with cyberspurs in each arm, the sad truth is there's technically no difference between spending 2 majors for right and left, and 2 majors to attack twice with right or left.  Well, not including the potential for off hand penalties anyway...

Now, 5e had its own semi-official, SRM campaign rule to cover dual wielding: if you use two identical weapons you gain +1 reach when attacking with either one.  So in the wolverine example, you're still only making 1 spur attack per attack but threatening with a pair is at least giving you something of a benefit.  Of course that can't be directly ported into 6e, but since reach and other factors are combined together into AR, I could see granting an AR bonus to one weapon's attack when dual wielding.

I assume you mean "dual wielding" in sense that it's against a single target?

Assuming true, I guess that answers my question.  There is no rule, and further it's not intended to be allowed, despite how illogical that is.

Realistically, if i can look left, and go "pew pew" with one gun, and then look right and go "pew pew" with the the other, then I have the time to simply look straight ahead and go " pew pew + pew pew".  I think I've posted my own fix to that, at least with guns.  Treat as Narrow Burst.  Two BF attacks would be -6AR for a +3 to damage or something.

I get that you don't want to allow two separate baseline DV occurrences against the same target with the same action.  That math is lousy. 
However, per the thrown weapons rule, those weapons get to do exactly that. 

Boosting AR for dual wielding melee weapons seems reasonable, tho not very satisfying.  Also runs afoul of the off hand penalty.  If its a single roll, should it get Edge or not?  Etc, etc.  Melee definitely gets trickier.


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