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El Nuez:
I've recently encountered an interesting set of rules after going over Subdue (Grapple), thus, looking for a critique on the efficacy of their use. Assume the build is an Adept with Magic 6 and has Adept Spell.

Some questions include:
- Since there is only one attack, how do we resolve the damage for the other abilities involved; should they be considered stacked with the attack or separate?
- Is Subdue sufficient for triggering all these effects?
- Does there need to be multiple Subdue actions to trigger the effects or can it be triggered once each combat turn?
From R&G pg. 140, When touching with a grapple [subdue] you can make a free action to discharge an electrical weapon as a touch attack. However, the target can dodge at a -3.

Therefore, when you subdue your target you can use your Shock Gloves to deal 8S(e) -5 AP.

Using the Adept Spell we take [Electricity] Aura, sustained with a Focused Concentration/Foci at Force 1 using drams with 6 hits. Automatically, those Shock Gloves are now adding an additional 6(e) damage.

Follow this up with Elemental Body [Electricity] to throw in another 12P(e) -3AP.

Finally consider Shock Frills, which triggers in this scenario, adding 8S(e) -5AP. Unfortunately, Shock weave cannot be used for offensive purposes. However, in the event we get grappled ourselves, we can make it worse for them.

Of all the attacks you have available you pick the one you want to use and then you resolve that one.


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