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I'm joining a game already in progress. They requested a combat mage, as they already have a generalist covering lots of bases. I decided to go with a wizganger Chaos mage.

I was allowed to do the Point Buy method on 800 points

I'd appreciate any suggestions or recommendations.

Version 2
Swapped Edge 3 with Agility 2.
Removed Counterspell and Pilot Ground Specialties.
Added Automatics, Sneaking, and Unarmed Combat.
Swapped Adept Low Light vision for Ultrasound Sensor
Added Smartlink, Shock Gloves, Sim Module, Trodes, Audio Enhancement.
Bike gained Manual Control Override, Run Flat Tires, and a Spoof Chip.
Gang Boss Connection to 4.

B 3, A 3, R 5/8, S 1, W 5, L 2, I 6, C 3, ESS 6, EDG 2, M 6
Condition Monitor (P/S): 10 / 11
Armor: 14
Limits: Physical 5, Mental 5, Social 6
Physical Initiative: 11/14+4D6
Matrix Initiative: 7+3D6
Active Skills: Arcana 2, Assensing 3, Automatics 1, Binding (Spirits of Man +2) 6, Con 3, Counterspelling 6, Gymnastics 3, Perception 3, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Sneaking 1, Spellcasting (Combat Spells +2) 6, Summoning (Spirits of Man +2) 6, Unarmed Combat 1
Knowledge Skills: Area Know: Seattle 2, Critters 2, Magic Security 2, Magic Theory 2, Spirits 2, Street Gangs 2
Languages: English N, Japanese 2, Sperethiel 2
Qualities: Chaos Mystic Adept, Code of Honor: Thug Life, the Code of the Streets (8dicepool vs. 4), Disheveled, Incompetent: Enchanting Group, Mentor Spirit: Magician Powers: Dragonslayer, Magician Powers, The Magician's Way: Astral Perception, Combat Sense, Enhanced Perception
Spells: Ball Lightning (limited), Increase Intuition, Levitate, Lightning Bolt, Physical Barrier (limited), Protect Vehicle (limited), Stunbolt
Adept Powers: Astral Perception, Combat Sense (2), Enhanced Perception (2), Improved Reflexes (3), Improved Sense: Thermographic Vision, Improved Sense: Ultrasound Sensor
. . Yamaha Growler [Handling 4/5, Speed 3/4, Accel 1, Body 5, Armor 5, Pilot 1, Sensor 1, Seats 1]
. . . . Gear:
. . . . . . Manual Control Override
. . . . . . Off-Road Suspension
. . . . . . Run Flat Tires
. . . . . . Spoof chip
. . Armor Jacket
. . Bike Racing Armor Helmet
. . Contacts (3) w/ Flare Compensation, Image Link, Smartlink
. . Ear buds (3) w/ Audio Enhancement (1), Select Sound Filter (1)
. . Fetish: Ball Lightning
. . Fetish: Physical Barrier
. . Fetish: Protect Vehicle
. . Meta Link w/ Mapsoft: Seattle, Sim Module
. . Michael Lancia w/ Fake License: Firearms (3), Fake License: Mage (3), Fake License: Vehicle (3), Fake SIN (3)
. . Micro-Tranceiver
. . Reagents, tainted raw (dram): Chaos Magic x20
. . Squatter Pad w/ (1 month) DocWagon Basic Contract, (1 month) Squatter Lifestyle
. . Tag Eraser
. . Telescoping Mirror on a Stick
. . The Amazing Blasters
. . Trodes
. . Ceska Black Scorpion [Machine Pistol, Acc 7, DV 6P, AP , SA/BF, RC (1), 35 (c)] w/ Extended Clip (1), Folding Stock, (70x) Regular Ammo, Smartgun System, External
. . Shock Glove [Unarmed, Acc 5, DV 8S(e), AP -5] w/ Internal Battery
Gang Boss (Connection 4, Loyalty 3)
Talismonger (Connection 5, Loyalty 2)
Starting : 43.333333 + (2D6 40)

I'm not an expert on karma/point buy in 5E so I can't comment on that math. I'll make a few points that you can take or leave at will.

Agility 2 not affects your movement rate (which is quite slow) but also other things you might want to do as a shadowrunner, like tiptoe around without being detected. On that note, you don't have Sneaking. I'd highly recommend it. Gymnastics or Con would be the most obvious places to find some karma for it.

Binding 6 is fine if your plan is to run around with a bunch of Spirits of Man in tow. Make sure that this is fine with your GM, as spirit spam can be a major headache to properly incorporate into the game. You'll need some more reagents to make that a reality though.

You don't have any foci. It's common to start with some but it's fine if that's the direction you want to grow.

Low-Light and Thermographic Vision have a lot of overlap. You might want to keep one and then use the other for a new/different sense. Hearing and scent can open up a lot of RP opportunities, especially scent since not many runners have it available. Actually, since you're already wearing contacts, check with the GM to see if you can put the vision mods in your contacts without affecting your spellcasting. Opinions on the matter differ from GM to GM.

Connection 2 is a little low for a gang boss. In that case we're either stretching the defnition of a 'gang' or a 'boss'.

You have the Ceska Black Scorpion but no skill to fire it and no real Agility to speak of to default on. This is a recipe for critical glitches. Now, it can be a very useful prop to not look like you're a mage (so that the opposition geeks the generalist mage on your team first), but let me advise you to never actually use it unless your plan is to have your PC shoot itself in the foot.

Thanks for the input.

I'm using Hero Lab, so I'm confident in the math (or at least it's not my fault if it's wrong).

Yup, Agility is low, I struggled between 2 and 3 for a while. Sneaking isn't something he's about (yet). I'm leaving some things like Sneaking and Automatics to earned Karma, as it seems to be a waste during character gen. Though that's more a factor in Priority than Point Buy (this is my first Point Buy attempt).

You're absolutely right that the plan is to never actually fire the gun with intent, but instead to simply not look like the mage until I'm ready to make it obvious.

Foci is generally my way to grow. IMO, Metamagic Foci (namely Centering) can't be used until you've bought the Metamagic to be increased. Binding is similarly a long-term investment that requires cash to support. In my experience, cash comes quick and easy, while Karma is what slows down Mage advancement.

Low-light and Thermo definitely have overlap. But you can't cast at what you can't see/sense with natural or magical senses, so the contacts won't help (I've never heard of a GM ruling otherwise). This is one of my biggest reasons for going MysAd. I did consider Thermo and Ultrasound sensor instead. I like your idea about scent instead. Any other good options?

Solid ganger combat mage and looks fun to play!

Just a suggestion:

You could prob drop Counterspelling down to 4 even to get more cash for an R4 fake sin or to boost some other skills.

Interesting, as a combat mage Id figure Counter spelling would be a key skill.

Im used to Priority E for cash, so Im always hard pressed to afford Fake SINs. I originally thought about keeping it lower, as he would normally hang around lower security zones. Itd be another thing he need to upgrade when work demands it.


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