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Biodrone PC


Going to be a tough one, Biodrone as a PC. Some very very unscrupulous experiments have been afoot.

Base Meta: Wolf Shape shifter

Cyber implants: WIP (Cyber ware is designed too allow a limited range of transformation.)

Effects on Magic: Magic has been to a point at which the Shape shifter can no long change forms. Future plans for the
experiment include restoring enough magic to allow the Shape shifter a limited transformation form. Limited by the
cyber implants of course and the needs of possibly users of this unit.

Unit includes implants in the form of built in close combat weapons, drone control for up too 4 drones, ability to interface with
hardware in the form of terminals and other devices. Hardpoints built into the shoulders of the shape shifter just behind the
head allow the mounting of various weapon systems turning the Bio-drone into a mobile weapons platform. Weapons must remain
with in weight tolerance limits. Hardpoints on the hips allow the mounting of support weapons on the right an left once again within
weight limit restrictions.

Possibly to allow Bio-drone to rig vehicles is in development, concerns with the Shape shifters level of intelligence may be overcome
via skill softs. These features are yet to be included. Bio-drone has been tested control up to four medium drones at once. Larger
drones are limited to one at a time.

Implants within the brain stem allow an authorized outside rigger to take control of the Bio-drone. Behavioral controls allow the Drone
to operate independently within set parameters. 

((Hows does this have anything to do with a PC? As  a Shapeshifter the creatures knows what has been done too it. Several traumas,
mental and physical will be present. Character will have access to close combat, and some limited abilities for ranged combat. Character
will ideally operate as a Drone rigger, eventually with the possibly of full vehicle rigging.

Naturally the character will need to maintain a low profile, perhaps passing off as someone's very expensive toy. Plus, the story opportunities
for the GM will be many and varied.))

Welp.... Built it... Still far from the most out there characters I have seen.


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