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momentary lapse of reason... Moving on.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Is this for a story/fanfic, or an idea for a character background?

Character background... Once I have an idea of the character's personality I'm toying with some ideas for a short story or two.
Bit of a road block with the Orc cop story, and I need to keep busy.

Stainless Steel Devil Rat:
Well, a few angles a character background would need (as opposed to a story character) is why, if he's thousands of years old, he only has the skills of any other chargen character.  If you're that old, surely you've got more skill points than any chargen character can have, and literally hundreds of knowledge skills.

So, why doesn't yours?  Amnesia, and he's something like a Prince Corwin of Amber who doesn't know he's an immortal, and only has access to the skills he's developed during "this" lifetime?

Sir Ludwig:

First, welcome to the forums. 

Second, There are some rules in Slip Stream p141.  Itís called Returned Soldiers and basically someone that disappeared years ago and came back in the SR time frame.  It gives you a possible rule set to use that would make the character unique and not like most characters.   



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