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Panther - Physical Adept Missions build Non Lolsy.

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For a Burn Out adept, the Way of the Burn out would be a high priority.  Probably would grab that with the first initiation.  Reduce Edge costs by 1 three times per scene for 11 Karma or so?  Easy pick.  But really Combat is a solved problem out of the gate for this build, there really isn't much need for more dice/dv/whatever so the character is free to pursue whatever secondary they'd like. 

I'd probably pick up Increase Mental Attribute as the second Initiation power for whichever attribute I'm using the most frequently to trigger the Edge reduction from Way of the Burn out. 

The only changes I'd suggest is if someone wants a different Metatype or stronger secondary or has some playstyle tweaks they'd want to make.

And yes, 8 DV kicks means KO Blow is often redundant. But if you're going up against something with a lot of boxes, KO Blow would probably be the way to go.



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