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Going to be starting a SR6 campaign in the near future...


I'm an experienced GM and I have experienced gamers, however none of us have ever played much Shadowrun (2 of my players played a couple sessions back in the early 90s...).  I really like the sci-fi type games (I've run both Star Finder and Cyberpunk Red recently).  I was thinking about running a highly modded version of 30 nights (I like the whole black out concept) but in the PDF I got of the book, I didn't get a map.  Apparently it wasn't part of the humble bundle I got when I was exploring whether I'd want to run the game.  I've been slowly buying books, but trying to get core books before I get adventures as I feel they'd be more over all use.

Any ways, long story short, any advice on maps for Toronto, as I've not been there.


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Any ways, long story short, any advice on maps for Toronto, as I've not been there.

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Simplest option is Google Map as it mainly focus on Toronto itself and not the GTA.

So I'd look from Hurontario St on the "left" the follow the 407 to the Top (to add the Chinatwon in Vaughan/Markham), go down the 404 the continue right on the 401 until you reach the junction to Highway 2A. Then follow the lake for the bottom

Most action takes place in the core (between the 427, 401 and Don Valley Parkway) though. But with these 2 frame  you should have access to all that is needed.

Thank you very much

Yes I just want to second that idea, most of the locations mentioned in 30 nights exist in Toronto today.  I assume all the setting development being done this edition starts with present day maps, even down to names of establishments.  We threw out the 30 nights map a few sessions in once we discovered this.


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