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6E: Is a cyberjack almost manadtory for every runner?

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Yes, cyberdeck + commlink seem to be a budget alternative.

But most Deckers will probably still go for a cyberdeck + cyberjack. Both because this provide better matrix attributes, but, perhaps more importantly, also because it give you additional initative dice and minor actions while in VR.

(Cyberprograms are typically running on the cyberdeck itself)

Scratch built Junk RCC.  Programs Encryption and Run Silent Run Deep (Double Clutch).  Firewall 4 (not that Firewall 4 will stop a dedicated hacker) and Sleaze up to 9 (which will keep most Hackers from finding you).  No essence, 5960 Nuyen.  About as good as any Non-Hacker character is going to get for a reasonable investment.

Best Hacker defense is don't have Wireless on.  Next best, have a Hacker on the team.  Third best, cobble some junk together on your own and hope the GM doesn't throw a good (or lucky) hacker at you.

Ultimately you're not going to be able to stop a hacker if you have wireless on.  They'll just keep rolling every 3 seconds until you put a bullet in them.  Eventually they'll get in.  You can slow them down a bit.  Keep the GM honest.  Really about it if you don't have a hacker of your own that can hack them back or at least trace them down for you to thump in meat space. 

A change from previous edition is that also wired devices that are part of a network will now be exposed just as much as wireless enabled devices. Once a hacker is inside the network they gain access on all devices that are part of the network. No matter if wireless enabled or if they are connected via wires.

Of course, if the entire network is disconnected from the matrix (rather than just a few selected devices) then the hacker can obviously not hack it (except perhaps via a direct connection).

The weapon commlink from firing squad is another cost-efficient way for just about anyone to further boost matrix defenses.


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