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Maritime runs

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Anyone know of some well-crafted maritime runs or adventures? So pirate stuff, hijackings, oil platforms, undersea laboratories etc.

If you are looking for ideas, the 3e book Cyberpirates might be a good start. Lots of naval stuff, info on the Carib League...

Reaver ninja'd me while I was writing this.

I think Cyberpirates was technically a 2E product because it came out in 1997 under FASA. 3E launched in 1998 under WizKids.

Aside from that technicality, Cyberpirates has a ton of information about pirate campaigns. It focuses on the Caribbean, the Philippines, and the Ivory Coast. It has gear and watercraft relevant to campaigns in those settings. I used it when I had my runners hop through Jamaica on their way to Aztlan.

That said, it does not have a pre-built adventure. It has lots of plot hooks, but not actual runs. Still, it's where I would start for things related to maritime activity.

The series Black Lagoon could perhaps serve as inspiration.

Thanks for the information. I'm more looking for material that has been developed furhter, i.e. floor plans and such.

Is there a floor plan or layout for an Arkoblock in this source? So a maritime arcology? And/or an underwater laboratory?


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