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--- Quote from: Redwulfe on ---It seems that the document was released after all.

--- End quote ---

EDIT: to be clear, I'm taking complete credit for this, since I sent a message to Catalyst Game Labs on Facebook two days ago asking about this file.  You can thank me now.   ;D

Michael Chandra:
Guess Hardy forgot about uploading it after the long weekend. -,-


--- Quote from: SR6, p. 174 ---Data Processing is the raw computing power of a device. Data Processing governs how quickly a device can operate and contributes to running programs concurrently. The Data Processing attribute is the limit of many devices you can slave to it.
--- End quote ---

seems nothing wrong, right? but this "slave" is the only place that mentions it. Another place might hit about it are...

--- Quote from: SR6, p. 174 ---...(Devices) are used for rudimentary access, most commonly for commcalls and searches, as well as basic Matrix Firewall defense for devices attached to the userís PAN.
--- End quote ---

See this "Matrix Firewall"? there are nowhere to be found again!

I can kind of guess what it is about...using  the Firewall of the master device instead of the slaved ones, right? Just put a proper "rule" in it somewhere, please.


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