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Title: [SR6] Cyberlimb attributes
Post by: Sugarpink on <04-08-22/0347:40>
I just read through the rules for cyberlimbs again and there is one thing I don't understand. Particularly the following line:
Cyberlimbs can be used to add to either Agility,
Armor, or Strength of the user. The maximum
augmented increase of 4 is in place here, so don’t
buy an attribute increase that would increase one
of your attributes higher than 4,

And it also says that all cyberlimbs are installed with a base attribute of 2 in STR and AGI. What I don't quite understand is how does this interact with the character's own attributes.

Let's say my character has Agility 4 and replaces their arms with basic cyberarms. Can I now buy Agility upgrades in those arms up to 8, because it's character's Agility + 4 or is it always at most 6 (because arm's Agility + 4)
Title: Re: [SR6] Cyberlimb attributes
Post by: Alrician on <04-08-22/0413:55>
The arm cannot have more total agility than the characters agility +4. So in this case 8.
Title: Re: [SR6] Cyberlimb attributes
Post by: Aria on <04-08-22/0419:57>
Well it can, but you can only benefit from a +4... increase your natural attribute later on and you don't then have to upgrade your cyberarm again to reap the benefit!
Title: Re: [SR6] Cyberlimb attributes
Post by: MercilessMing on <04-08-22/1147:48>
The key word here is your attribute.  Your attributes are the ones on your character sheet that you paid points for.
Title: Re: [SR6] Cyberlimb attributes
Post by: Sugarpink on <04-08-22/1502:19>
Thanks for all the replies. That clears it up  ;D
Title: Re: [SR6] Cyberlimb attributes
Post by: Xenon on <04-09-22/0321:40>
You can enhance the strength of the arm as much as you like (as long as you have the resources and capacity to do it), but the max you can benefit is your "natural" strength + 4.

If you have a "natural" strength of 4 and get a cyberlimb with +7 strength (for a total strength value of 2+7=9) it will only act as a cyberlimb with strength value of 8 (that last point is waste for now, you should perhaps consider to only increase it with +6 strength for a total strength of 8).

But then again, if you later increase your natural strength from 4 to 5 (by using karma) then you can also utilize the full potential of your cyberarm and it will now act as a strength 9 arm.
Title: Re: [SR6] Cyberlimb attributes
Post by: Finstersang on <04-09-22/0520:41>
Btw, this also highly emplies that most effects that reduce these Attributes (the Reduce Attribute Spell, f.i.) would have only limited usage against Characters with Cyberlimbs - which makes sense, because why would drugs, illnesses or healths spells affect them?

However, once your natural Attributes get reduced so much that the difference between them and the Cyberlimb Attributes becomes higher than 4, you canīt use their full Strength and/or Agility anymore. Which also makes sense, because you still partly have to rely on your natural muscular and/or neurological framework to use them. Although I wonder if we get more detailed rules for Full-Body-Cyborgs in the future, because if you go that route, it should have an effect on some of these limitations.