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Confused about armor


For the armor tracks are the colored in bubbles the points of armor or the uncolored in bubbles? Also, why do some people have colored in bubbles in different tiers or levels? For example, Jinn on pg 101 has 3 black colored in bubbles on all 3 rows of armor.  Why are there even different rows of armor? Is there something I'm missing about armor here?

Rows of Armor mean little to nothing. There are no mods for taking armor damage. But they are conveniently sorted by threes (6, 9, 12) so they put them into rows on the character sheet.

Also on the character sheet there are 15 Armor circles (3 more for trolls). The darkened circles are just circles unavailable to the character because his/her Armor doesn't use those circles.

Thank you!

I also assume that armor just takes off its amount just once in a combat and once it is depleted, you no longer have any armor for the rest of the encounter, correct?

Ex: If you have 9 armor boxes, you don't get 9 damage reduction per hit in the combat but instead, once you have exceeded 9 damage you take the remaining damage to your appropriate Condition Monitor for the rest of the combat encounter, right?

Unless you have an amp to repair it, spend Plot Points to repair it, or even Karma to repair it, it is gone until the end of the scene. In between scenes, there are options to to repair as well.


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