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--- Quote from: zellak on ---The last edition i played before SRA was 3rd.....

Also i am not happy with the firearms defence and was thinking of changing it to Agility + cover  ( light cover +2 / heavy cover +4 ).....i am planning on playtesting a firefight solo to see how bad this really is. 

Agility + Logic seems wrong somehow.

--- End quote ---
I had that reaction too, but it's because Logic encompasses Intuition now, while Agility already encompasses Reaction. So think of it as Agility + Intuition instead, if that helps.

Because the rules are close enough to SR4-5, our prior expectations can get in the way (but you get used to it with time, too). It's like the uncanny valley of RPG crunch.

At our table, I also rule that you can roll your melee combat pool as a parry/block or perhaps even another dice pool if it makes sense. E.g., Agility + Athletics might work. That works well so far.

Back to the topic at hand, one alternative rule to deal with armour is this:

1. Defenders don't roll for defence. The threshold for any attack is (opponent's ([AGI + LOG]/3). If the attacker meets it, they hit. Net hits add extra damage as usual.
2. The target rolls STR + Armour as Damage Reduction. A glitch reduces the target's armour by one.
3. Modified DV - DR hits get applied to the relevant Condition Monitor.

Really, there's only one of two ways I'd do it: roll DR or roll defence, but never both. Whichever pool you're not rolling gets divided by 3 instead.

If you wanted, you could even give the target the choice of whether to roll defence or soak on each attack. That gives you more tactical choice but could hold things up if people are indecisive.

That said, we've not had any issue with armour as extra circles so far. In most cases, players start panicking when they take any amount of armour damage, because they know it'll be their Condition Monitor next, so they're encouraged to speed things up.

And NPCs can just surrender or flee when the GM feels like it -- they don't need to fight to the death, which would be far more unrealistic in most cases than ablative armour anyway.

The rules already have ways to speed up combat -- such as doubling DVs across the board, which is lethal but very fast. With Plot Points and Edge, you don't need to worry about TPKs too much, either.

But the good thing about Anarchy is that you can mix it up and try new things, so go nuts!


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