[5e] Subdue & Shock

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I've recently encountered an interesting set of rules after going over Subdue (Grapple), thus, looking for a critique on the efficacy of their use. Assume the build is an Adept with Magic 6 and has Adept Spell.

Some questions include:
- Since there is only one attack, how do we resolve the damage for the other abilities involved; should they be considered stacked with the attack or separate?
- Is Subdue sufficient for triggering all these effects?
- Does there need to be multiple Subdue actions to trigger the effects or can it be triggered once each combat turn?

From R&G pg. 140, When touching with a grapple [subdue] you can make a free action to discharge an electrical weapon as a touch attack. However, the target can dodge at a -3.

Therefore, when you subdue your target you can use your Shock Gloves to deal 8S(e) -5 AP.

Using the Adept Spell we take [Electricity] Aura, sustained with a Focused Concentration/Foci at Force 1 using drams with 6 hits. Automatically, those Shock Gloves are now adding an additional 6(e) damage.

Follow this up with Elemental Body [Electricity] to throw in another 12P(e) -3AP.

Finally consider Shock Frills, which triggers in this scenario, adding 8S(e) -5AP. Unfortunately, Shock weave cannot be used for offensive purposes. However, in the event we get grappled ourselves, we can make it worse for them.


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« Reply #1 on: <03-04-21/0926:47> »
Of all the attacks you have available you pick the one you want to use and then you resolve that one.