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--- Quote from: TranKirsaKali on ---The only season 03 I got to do was 12 Elevator Ride to Hell.  I do not know how to do the spoiler thing so my only comment about mission 12 Elevator ride to hell is this. . .  I had the same problem with the beginning of it that I did with the beginning of Something Completely Different.  No runner with any skill would find themselves in that situation.  And if they did they would not have been going up against such poor opposition afterwords. 

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Preach it, bro.

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Ferret hon, I am chick not bro.  LOL yes women do play shadowrun at D Con! lol  I know it is a silly thing but I like to think of it this way. . .  "don't think of it as being beaten, think of it as being beaten by a woman"  :P  And that is to all the opposition out there that the Johnsons want to throw us at!

Poor Ferret ran the session you skipped. He didnt get to meet ya.


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