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And she brought DARKLLOYD!



--- Quote from: The Masked Ferret on ---Preach it, bro.

--- End quote ---

Zup Ferret. Good to see you made it home okay.

And yes Cas, I'm here too. I've always been "around" I just couldn't stand posting in the (To steal a Battletech referance) "Not-Named" board but I was there. and Before that I was "In" Shadowland. Best SR site so far (RIP); but I have High hopes for here! With the Mods I've seen running around here we should be good, some of them are old pro's on the BT forums.

Dragoncon had 3-4 tables of Shadowrun at a time for 3+ days. While not primarily a gaming convention D*C hosted over 250 manhours of Shadowrun. There were 3-4 tables of 6-8 players for 3 days straight and one table on Monday. To me it was a significant offering. Z with his You-Wont-Survive grinder and all those CMP's couldn't all be fit in within the 4 days of the con and believe me we tried!

Oh, and kudos to Kai for organizing it and to her GM's... they all showed up!

Nice.  Wish I coulda gone. :'(

The wife and I made DC last year and it was incredible. We had great plans for this year but got ambushed by a Dropbear and are still in recovery from the encounter. However, as we have the funds from this year saved up and will be adding to it as time progresses, we will most definitely be there next year.
I highly suggest that if anyone gets a chance to hit DC, do it. Its a great Con in a beautiful city.


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