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Stainless Steel Devil Rat:

--- Quote from: MercilessMing on ---SSDR's list is probably complete or complete enough.

But for real, It's been FOUR MONTHS.  Where the hell is the errata doc?

--- End quote ---

It's been almost that long again since you posted this... but I can officially confirm it *is* still coming in fancy pdf format, ala the previous two documents.  Production of documents has had a bottleneck, and unfortunately this particular document's production has been near or at the bottom of the priority list.  Something has to be, and while it's unfortunate, "at least" the errata was made available in the interim via simply being in the book, right?  Silver linings!

It's not in my hands, but I do believe this document's place in the queue has finally been un-logjammed.  Maybe this summer it'll see light of day.


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