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Shadowrun sixth edition VTT recommendations


I am looking for recommendations on Amy VTTs that are set up for Shadowrun 6th edition, roll20 has a German sheet and that's the closest I've found, any recommendations?

For 6E, our group still use roll20, but we make character sheets in Genesis. We store the sheets on discord and update them before runs.

If you're using "theater of the mind", discord works very well because it has dice bots that are programmed for 6e edge actions as well.

Sorry, I don't think there's any VTTs out there yet with English character sheets. If you find one, though, let me know!

thanks, and thing helps

There is an English Shadowrun Sixth World sheet being worked on for roll20 now.  It is based roughly on the 5e sheet created by Cassie Levett.  It can be found in the character sheet list as "Shadowrun Sixth World".  There's an official thread for bug reports/feature requests/etc on the roll20 forums.

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I am developing a game system for Foundry VTT:

Not as polished as the Roll20 ones yet (State End of May 2021), but growing.


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