Shadowrun Missions Updates

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« on: <03-11-15/1346:43> »
Bull posted a couple of updated on FB earlier this week:

SRM 05-05: While the City Sleeps is through approval and into Layout! SRM 05-06: Take a Chance early art sketches are coming in! I have the first draft of v1.3 of the Missions FAQ, now with Run Faster, off for commentary and such from my Rogue's Gallery of Missions Writers and GMs!
Hurray for forward momentum for Missions projects!
Oh, and something special for all of you is in the works as well... Muhuhahaha!

A little sneak peek at a portion of one of the interior art pieces by David Dotson for SRM 05-05: While the City Sleeps. I really like the way the gang logo and theme came out  ;)