Forbidden Arcana Errata

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« Reply #60 on: (01:27:50/02-02-18) »
Also what is the point with the Shaman tag on Chain Breaker and the “read description” on requirements? There isn’t any skill requirements in my PDF at all.

You are correct that the [Shaman] tag is somewhat unnecessary since there are no skill requirements. It does, however, indicate that the quality is "related" to Shamans (in the sense that Shamans might be more likely to take it).

The "read description" for the requirements is referring to the text in the description that talks about the character forfeiting the using of the Binding skill. That is the "requirement" in place of a skill or an ability.


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« Reply #62 on: (17:59:20/02-04-18) »
Do the Dedicated Spellslinger and Dedicated Conjurer mastery qualities block access to rituals and alchemy? If not, can the free spells and discount from Dedicated Spellslinger be applied to those categories as well?


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« Reply #63 on: (18:36:42/02-04-18) »
Dedicated Spellslinger probably can't be used to get rituals and preparations, as the free spells you get are based on your Spellcasting skill--  It wouldn't make sense to get a new Preparation to use with Alchemy or ritual for Ritual Spellcasting for improving your Spellcasting.

That said, Dedicated Spellslinger only blocks access to Summoning and Binding skills, not anything in the Enchanting group (or Banishing), so there's an argument to be made.  I could bring it up with the errata team.  Dedicated Conjurer, by the way, only blocks Spellcasting, not the whole Sorcery group, and again doesn't touch Enchanting.  Unfortunately since these don't really do enough to justify the sacrifice, I doubt many Full Magicians will be getting them.  Extra spirit types just isn't worth total loss of Sorcery, even with Alchemy still available, IMO.
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« Reply #64 on: (15:38:21/04-13-18) »
Page 68: Norse Magician Rules (Godi/Runemaster) states
Durable Preparations: Increase the preparation’s
potency by x3 instead of x2. Double
the time it takes to lose potency.

What exactly does this mean? Is it supposed to be saying that the character with this tradition gets the quality of the same name?
There is no x2 for potency except for calculating the time before the potency starts to decrease, which makes the last sentence odd.