Shadowrun Storylines Adjusted for Other Systems?

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I don't know about y'all, but I don't have any friends in my area who play Shadowrun.  All of mine play homebrew, Dark Heresy (I GM), Pathfinder or D&D, with a couple short jumps into other systems in one-shots.  Few of them are particularly interested in Shadowrun. omegle discord xender

A thought popped into my head the other day when I was perusing my old Shadowrun books (and saw the best Shadowrun campaigns thread).  The Universal Brotherhood storyline, the Arcology Shutdown, the Year of the Comet/Winternight...  All of these are phenomenal campaigns with depth and...  That special something you get when a story just jives.  That said, I can't get my friends to try them, because they aren't interested in Shadowrun.

So, if I can't bring the players to Shadowrun, maybe I can bring Shadowrun to the players?  I'm working on a translation of the Universal Brotherhood plot-line to D&D right now, since that section of friends/gamers is the most open to new storylines right now.

My current plan involves building the framework for a dystopic fantasy city, a rather large metropolis with some massive problems with slums.  All (or almost all) of the characters will be living in this area, whether they were born there, immigrated, etc.
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I've heard of people frequently using Savage Worlds to run Shadowrun games, but I imagine that would take a fair amount of work. If your players are interested in using the newest D&D system, give Carbon 2185 a look; it's cyberpunk D&D. You might be able to interest them in cyberpunk that way, and then make the hop over to Shadowrun later on if they like the cyberpunk genre.


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I think this will require a lot of effort. If your players want to use the latest D&D plan, see Carbon 2185; this is cyberpunk D&D. Thanks for replies.
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I had an idea once for a time-skipping campaign where the players start in an epic fantasy city ( la Greyhawk, Waterdeep, Lankhmar, Sanctuary, etc.). The first adventure is to find and destroy a sacred relic that supposedly protects the city ... at which point, they get cursed by a god to take its place as long as the city endures, they can't die, but they can never leave it either (think New Amsterdam, Forever, The Old Guard). [Side note: Cursed PCs will recover from any wound, even normally fatal ones, but they do so at ordinary speed no one wants to get buried alive, blown up, or burned at the stake, right?] Subsequent adventures involve defending the city against various existential threats. Each new adventure would fast-forward a few generations to take place in a new fantasy era, introducing scientific and cultural shifts (compare Shadow and Bone, Carnival Row, His Dark Materials, Bright), eventually catching up to the present day and past it to a Shadowrun-like future, maybe beyond.

Anyway, this could be one way to bring die-hard fantasy gamers into magic-cyberpunk in slow, easy stages. You might have to improvise a lot of evolving mechanics along the way, but if players start to get excited about the next "leap," it might be easier to sell them on a regular Shadowrun campaign later.