Neo-Tokyo - will it convert to 6E?

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I hope Missions goes with something more balanced and simpler, along the lines of "Take your total karma and nuyen earned, minus working for the man or the people (unless they plan to keep those), and rebuild from scratch with those totals.".

That's what I was thinking it would be.  Well, and whatever we're doing with Public Awareness, Street Cred, and Heat. 

Was there a reason that approach wasn't the way the Missions Team didn't want to go?

We haven't heard what SRM is going to do.

I may need a definition of "We".  There is a distinct version of "We" where the "Me" part of "We" has a document for converting characters.  Is that not a "Missions" document?  Or is this one of the documents I'm not supposed to talk about, 'cause if it is Lormyr started it.

Honestly I'm not very bright, I don't even buy shoes with laces anymore.  Just too hard.

The conversion document was developed independently of Missions... will Missions use it? Eh, probably to some extent but not neccessary in its entirety.

If we use the last time we changed edition as a guide to Missions play ... converted characters will not be able to play in "standard" Missions but should be allowed to finish the Neo-tokyo specific Missions or if development allows maybe the Neo-tokyo stuff will just end up dual statted
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Lol Hobbes.

I think the only reason conversions might be necessary is if we continue the tradition of older PCs from previous editions/seasons being permitted to play primes and specials. I am personally a big fan of that, so I do hope the tradition continues with the simple conversion I listed above.
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