First Mission Character (GenCon) Decker/Medic

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Rip Cord

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« on: <04-28-16/1120:03> »
I have never been to a Con, but I am going to GenCon this year and want to play in the Con Missions.

As such I  am retooling a Decker/Medic that I have used on the RunnerHub.

Any and all advice is welcome.

She still has references to Seattle that need to be changed to Chicago.

Thanks in advance,


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« Reply #1 on: <07-25-16/0420:21> »
Hoi Rip Cord!

Nice. I like this little lady. Me thinks it would be pretty whiz running the shadows with this spunky halfer. I like the background/description... the picture she paints. I like how he is a very well balanced toon.

You posted here for advice, so... I have a couple of thoughts.

First, I like how balanced and broad she is. Maybe its just the little number crunching min/maxer in the back of my head but I can't help but think she is spread a little too thin. I don't want to say "you should min/max" however consider doing it a little bit, by shifting an attribute point from one of your 2s to one of your 5s you save yourself future spent karma. Enough that I just had to say something. Perhaps even making WIL and LOG 6s. The difference in karma cost between raising an attribute from 1>2 vs raising a 5>6 is 10 karma vs 30 karma. It's hard to ignore that difference. If it were me I would take one from edge and another one and make LOG 6 and WIL 6. You could have those 1's up to 2's in two to four successful missions.

Second, I'd probably try to squeeze in wired reflexes at rating 1 over the heavy firepower in rifles and grenades. I can't help but think that. Again, I like what you've done, think it would be fun to roleplay, and I like the balance! But you asked for advice so I gotta say it.

Third, edited this out because I realized I'm an idiot.

Correct me if I'm wrong or tell me to frag off if you like it better your way, but hey, you asked.

Again, I must say, I like this well balanced character. Looks fun to roleplay. I hope you end up in one of my games that weekend. It's time to slot and run. See ya chummer.
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