Neon Anarchy, a Shadowrun 5e Living Community

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Neon Anarchy is a Shadowrun 5e living community. At Neon Anarchy, people from around the world can come together to play Shadowrun as inter-connected one shots, in a persistent online setting. Now you might be asking, there are like 8 different LCs out there, why another one? What does this new place even offer? Neon Anarchy takes SR5e as a base and improves upon it, balancing it from the ground up and tweaking many aspects for smoother organized play. Its basically SR5.5e. Some of the changes introduced are:

Reduced exotic skill bloat: More than 60 individual exotic skills has been condensed into existing skills or new active skills. Each new active skill can be used for multiple exotic weapons.

Reduced Magicrun: Foci and Summoning have been nerfed to bring them to balance. Mystic Adepts use 3e rules.

Non-burnout Incentives: Heavy buffs and incentives have been provided to awakened and emerged to not go burnout.

Improved Artificing: Artificing is no longer an inefficient skill.

Custom Drugs: Have been balanced. Not many LCs allow these.

Spirit Pacts: Have been balanced for organized play. No LCs allow these afaik.

Streamlined Downtime: A simple, slot based downtime system for organized play. Train, make new contacts, improve contacts, meditate on your qi, initiate/submerge, take violin lessons, Lay low to avoid cops, etc.

Character Retirement: Tired of playing a character for too long? Character too strong to go on runs? Retire your character and gain unique retirement benefits.

These are just some of the things Neon Anarchy offers. Future projects include adding in a splatbook worth of new homebrew for LC use. All of these changes are coded into our custom chummer amend files. We have a sizable player and GM population, but are always looking for more. Come join us and be the anarchist in a neon lit magical cyberpunk dystopia.


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