[SR5] searching up to 4 Players for Group near Darmstdt or Online

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Hi Cummers,

I GM since half a year a Group near Darmsadt in which one of the players sadly left a few months ago. Since them we continued with just two players (+me)
but that has its issues (they are both currently controlling two characters each). So I am looking for a few more people to join us.

We welcome New people to Shadowrun as well as Veterans, there are a few Houserules (the biggest one being a rework to make Alchemie usable) and we are playing with all Ruleworks of the german 5th edition (I own them all in physical form, as well as many in PDF form). So far there was little of an overarching story and I'll likely move the main location from Frankfurt to Hamburg (because there is better Information available), so don't fear to get bombarded by tons of inside-jokes and unknown past events.

The current Group is (German) 3 trans women so any trans- and homophone will not be tolerated (also in-game without prior discussion), same for any kind of Racism and xenophobie (tho that will be present in-game, it is still Shadowrun). Your age is not really relevant, so just reach out and we'll see how we get along.
Currently we are playing about every two weeks from 15:00 to 20:00-23:00 German Time (but we are all fairly flexible so that can be changed) in Person (Dinner is usually prepared by me) and if possible we would like to keep it that way but please still write if you can only do online (Discord), english speakers are possible in both cases. 6 Players is my maximum but there is no real minimum.

Hope to get many Answers
 - Nora