The Official Scoop on Official Shadowrun Errata

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No major changes.  I'm trying to shift work towards the core rulebook (which still has a ton of unresolved issues), which is working out.  Shadowrun Anarchy got a lot of love, so if all goes well, errata for that should be on its way.  That's as much detail as I can give.

Long time no see. I have been away in part due to the site outages and my group switching back to D&D due to rule fatigue. I would love to see you get some forward movement on errata because I really miss this game.

That in mind....
I had posted here ( about a bunch of rigger questions that need work.
However ... sticking with the core rule book on rigger clarifications for gunnery so we FINALLY have something in writing?

Old reference threads for reflection:;wap2

More to my point I have a list of all the rules in the book spread around the book to various places on one topic that is so convoluted I had to make a chart to play my character. I also have quotes from people of interest like Aaron who are key to the community but has made a ruling one day that gave riggers +1 for all matric actions through the rig +2 for hot sim for a total of +3, then the next day time the topic came up he ruled the +1 was a typo and its the same +2 for hot sim bonus mentioned weirdly in to locations, and another who moderator who once told me is specific over general so the +1 matrix action over rides the +2 hotsim so its only +1. I am really fine with a +3 or +2 (+1 for 1/3 a chance of a hit is not worth hot-sim physical damage, In my opinion. I just wouldn't bother with it anymore), but the point is that because the rules on remote gunnery (logic?), physical gunnery (agility?), control device gunnery (agility?!?), riggers in AR performing gunnery as a control device matrix actions, riggers in vr-cold gunnery as a matrix action, riggers in vr-hot gunnery as a matrix action, using sensor targeting with [sensor + rig level] as the limit, using sensors visually while manually targeting [accuracy + rig level], adding or not adding the rig level your using to the pool, and/or drone pilot + autosoft with all the same options... Might be the worst outlined, scattered, and least clearly written part of the core rule book, it basically makes any and every rigger new or old get a headache and at some point an argument with their GM.

I can post all the quotes but despite my understand and having "rulings" on all of this. Their desperately needs to be something in writing via errata to make riggers less a mess. Maybe a nice chart, lol. I mean I didn't even get into driving/speed tests and vehicles as drones but not as drones...

Look! Another link:  <---This one might be the best most inclusive one.

thanks for a minute of your time.
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I write long and repetitive trying to be clear, I am bad at examples, so people commonly skim my posts pull out the idea they think I mean or want to argue against or focus on my bad example instead of my actual point. I apologies for the confusion my failure to be clear and concise creates.


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They may as well send Street Lethal right to your door from what i hear.....


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Is their going to be a new thread for street lethal errata or do we start posting it here?
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