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Not sure, though I suspect it will be reprinted. Iíll ask.

Aside, Jason was interviewed at Origins and a couple of tidbits:

 - Kill Code has been sent to printers...expect copies on hand for GenCon
 - No Future is in development/being written. Sounds like it will be focusing on street culture/society...a new version if Attitude.

Video here:
So it's possible to make a profit but it's only 25%. Check! And you won't be Masked so the spells are visible and dispellable with just 1 net hit. Not to mention you run into the problem of mana barriers you can't see. Better convince them to overcast!

I once designed an npc who paid both initially and upkeep for masked spells. Divine dodge chances and initiative followed. It's nice to make a pseudo-ally that players fear.
Errata / Re: Street Lethal
« Last post by PiXeL01 on (21:31:47/06-18-18) »
Should probably be a Simple action to put it along the lines of resetting the recoil counter.
Catalyst's Shadowrun Products / Re: Upcoming Products / Releases
« Last post by carmachu on (21:30:03/06-18-18) »
Quuck question. Is run and gun out of print permanently or will it come back in print? I cant seem to find a dead tree version anywhere.
Errata / Street Lethal
« Last post by on (21:18:10/06-18-18) »
Let's get back on the merry-go-round.

Page 22 has (wait for it)... STANDARD ACTION in the description for the fluid mace. @.@ I thought we were past this.
"Detox does not heal or prevent damage done by toxins," -Core 288.
I was about to post I think it should be the spell used to save folks from the consequence and then i went and re-read the spell.
As far as RAW is concern it seems very clear it's not intended to save you from any damaging effects. It's seems clear it is intended to the perfect hang over cure. It won't stop you from taking damage if there was some involved but it will clear your head right away. 
Gear / Re: Street Lethal - New toys, few gems
« Last post by Marcus on (20:31:04/06-18-18) »

I really enjoyed the meta update, it looks like the perfect time to make that Ex-Fire Watch Character as far the meta goes.

Getting the weapons for NT was also nice. Also some very solid NPC stats, that prof 5 combat mage was a cool read.

The thing that jumped out at me was the Blood Drinker Combat Axe, P-Limit Accuracy, legal starting, a very nice piece of hardware, and not even the cheesiest weapon in there.

Some interesting qualities, and of course Small unit Tactics I think is the overall winner for me, I felt like we hadn't been getting good use out of leadership rules in 5th.
Living Campaign Discussion / Re: Questions about Quickening in Missions
« Last post by Lormyr on (20:25:25/06-18-18) »
In short:

1. A PC is allowed to Quicken spells on themselves, as well as other PCs. The PC doing the Quickening must pay all of the Karma costs, however.

2. No PC can receive cash greater than 5,000 nuyen per Mission from another PC. This is in the FAQ.

3. Beginning with Neo-Tokyo, the nuyen to karma rate of exchange is 4,000 to 1. In no case may a PC earn more than 5 additional karma per Mission through this exchange.

So in closing, the Origins folks you speak of did not quit handle the situation by the allowed parameters of the campaign.
Living Campaign GM chat / Player Sourced NERPs
« Last post by Anatoly Trolling Thunder on (20:21:15/06-18-18) »
Zdravstvuyte All,

Our Shadowrun Missions team would like to know if we bring tokens to hand out to exceptional roleplayers and GMs, can they count as NERPs?

In the past, our team handed out hats and T-shirts at Gencon to the the players who we thought contributed the most to the roleplaying and fun at the table.  These items, all branded with the Trolling Thunder logo (A chummer has to get brand recognition where they can, right?), we tried to bring enough so we could give one out for each game our team played.

This season we've re-incarnated as the Sky Pirates of Piz'zazz, and want to hand out doubloons (challenge coins), eye patches, and cyber-pirate bandanas.  We're going to do this regardless, but we hope they'd be counted as NERPS.

Note:  Members of Trolling Thunder and The Pirates of Piz'zazz will give out these items, but never use them as NERPs themselves.


Season 5:  Anatoly, Bass Guitarist, Trolling Thunder
Season 6:  Lori, Pod Rigger for the Sky Pirates of Piz'zazz
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