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Mystic Adepts get a ridiculous boost in Life Path

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--- Quote from: MercilessMing on ---This is why I don't care for point buy that much, it's too easy to make mistakes in the absence of a generator tool.

--- End quote ---

Shameless plug for my generator tool  ::)

Thanks!  I'll update when I get home.  They're not really intended to be playable, as they're not really fleshed out.  It was a thought experiment just to "Show the Work".  But I appreciate pointing out any errors I made.

And I would use Aria's XL tool if it worked in Google Docs  : )   I prefer spread sheets to character generators, but Google Docs is easier to share. 

Honestly I prefer spread sheets over a lot of things...

Yes!  A buddy of mine also made one, we used it to crunch numbers and come to a verdict on the different generation methods.  You should share it more broadly, like in the FB groups and Reddit.

So Hobbes, I find your characters pretty interesting, I'm not one to ever choose Meta above C, but you seem to favor Meta B in most of your characters.  The diminishing returns above C just seem like you give up too much.  Just found it interesting how different people build differently.  I mean, that's how it should be, but 6e lends itself to cookie cutter priority choices..

The human samurai really shows how money was undervalued in point buy (IMO of course  ::) ).  I don't remember if I posted about it here or not, but your point buy samurai basically gets $200,000 and 4 more skill points than a priority made one, or in other words, he gets sum to 12 for the price of sum to 10.  This might be less pronounced on builds that place high value on the Meta column, but for obvious reasons, mundane humans don't, so they end up with far more money.  When you realize that for every adjustment point, you give up $80,000, I think people making point buy mundanes will choose more of the latter than the former.  Cutting this number in half ($10,000 per CP) gives better results.  Life Path doesn't value money this low either... in Life Path, one attribute or skill point equates to 25,000.  In point buy, it's 40,000. 

Side note, in Life Path, 1 adjustment point equals 25,000, while in point buy 1 adjustment point equals 80,000.  I don't expect them all to be dead on equal, but good god that's a big delta.

So Point Buy vs Priority is an easy-peasy comparison.  They both essentially give you the same resources, so it's easy to put together an Array in Priority and see how many Points would this cost in Point buy?

Point buy comes out ahead of Attributes A; Magic E.  How far ahead depends on the other Priority choices.  Any other Priority Array I checked Point buy is either very even or slightly behind.  Priority comes out further ahead of any build needing Power Points.

So, ahead sometimes, behind others seems about as expected.  If all the characters turned out the same, why bother with different char gen methods?   : )   

Life Path characters are just different.  Lower overall attributes, less focused skills, but usually ahead on Nuyen for Awakened characters and frequently less "things to patch" with their 50 Karma so that resource winds up being more flexible.  IMO the Life Path builds were never 'obviously' better or worse than the Priority builds for Awakened characters.


Overall I think any of the char gen options are fine, but balance is a subjective thing.

Balance is subjective, but this is the one area of the game that's just pricing resources and arranging them in different ways.   It's one of the easiest (if not the easiest) place you can balance objectively.  And the cookie-cutter way that users interact with the priority table makes it even easier, aside from the places that are messed up in the prio table to begin with.

To me, there are 3 places messed up in the prio table:
1: The metatype column progression, especially C (should probably be 6)
2: Free Power Points, which means Adepts all choose D Magic which makes them more powerful than samurai counterparts
3: Attribute progression, which is untenable on the low end.

IMO, what point buy did to Adepts puts them closer to par with priority samurai.  To make a 6PP adept in point buy, it'd be like choosing A or B Magic in prio in terms of the resources you have leftover.  Samurai typically put B into resources.  To me that's how it should be.  Choose the max Magic column to max out your character's magic potential.  Brand new SR players do this intuitively, it's only after they crunch numbers and learn the quirks that they realize everything above D is a trap.

Point buy doesn't correct this imbalance though, it ends up overcorrecting by making nuyen so cheap.  Samurai end up way more powerful than their adept counterparts.  To express the point buy difference in terms of sum-to-10: samurai are like sum to 12 while adepts are like sum to 8.


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