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Mystic Adepts get a ridiculous boost in Life Path

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Thanks to the inscrutable design choices in Life Path, mystic adepts will commonly be created with 6 magic, 6 power points, and a nice selection spells.  Compare that to the max you could get from priority: 6 magic, and only 4 magic's worth of points divided between PP and spells.  A lot of thought about power levels obviously went into designing mystic adepts. 
All that goes right out the window in Life Paths, where mystic adepts get to choose a power point OR spell every time they gain magic in chargen, followed by the ability to purchase spells and PP with karma.  So instead of having to make hard choices, get a little from each realm and not excelling in either, they will literally come out of chargen with the power of a full adept plus as many spells as they care to pay for. The only difference being they will not gain PP when increasing their Magic rating, which is the least cost effective way to gain a PP anyway. 
Or, to put it in another term, just build your Life Path mysad the way you would a standard magician, and accept the tradeoff of astral projection for a full slate of adept power points.  Spend 20 karma on 4 starter spells, you're golden. 

Dope. I'll keep that in mind next time I play a mystic adept. ;D

So even Lifepaths is busted when it comes to Mysads. Why am I not surprised? ::)

Seriously, Mysads are really not that hard to balance acrosss all the different chargen methods - as long as you are willing to limit their potential to a reasonable degree, that is. Just give them only half their Magic in PP (no rounding needed, PP are valuable in Fractions as well) and only 1x Magic (i.e. half of the spells a Full magician gets) in Starting Spells. Take away the option to Initiate for 1PP and confine them to getting their PP by increasing their Magic Attribute (or by using KI Foci) - and of course, they only get 0.5 points for each Karma-bought point of Magic as well. Maybe give them Astral Vision without Adept Powers, if all that sounds to punishing. Mysads are supposed to be a "blend" of Magicians and Adepts, so why not just make that blend more or less 50/50 all they way? No confusing separation of priorities/points/path-based Magic and Karma Progression needed.


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I was under the impression that mysads were actually in a pretty good spot (for regular priority, post errata).

Mysads are also in a decent place with point buy, though their point cost can vary WILDLY depending on how many PP you purchase.  If you normally go for a 4 Mag/4 PP build, it's pretty similar, little over 100 IIRC though.  But if you do a 4 Mag/2 PP build, suddenly you have 16 extra CP to spend on things.  Usually the point of a mysad at character creation is to get as many PP as possible.


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