Shadowrun Storylines Adjusted for Other Systems?

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« on: <06-22-22/1127:48> »
I have hardly any familiarity with you all, yet I have no companions in my space who play Shadowrun. All of mine play homemade libation, Dark Heresy (I GM), Pathfinder or D&D, with a couple short leaps into different frameworks in one-shots. Not many of them are especially intrigued by Shadowrun. omegle strife xender

An idea jumped into my head a few days ago when I was scrutinizing my old Shadowrun books (and saw the best Shadowrun crusades string). The Universal Brotherhood storyline, the Arcology Shutdown, the Year of the Comet/Winternight... These are wonderful missions with profundity and... That exceptional something you get when a story simply jives. All things considered, I can't get my companions to attempt them, since they aren't keen on Shadowrun.

All in all, in the event that I can't carry the players to Shadowrun, perhaps I can carry Shadowrun to the players? I'm dealing with an interpretation of the Universal Brotherhood plot-line to D&D at the present time, since that segment of companions/gamers is the most open to new storylines at this moment.

My ongoing arrangement includes building the structure for a dystopic dream city, a fairly huge city for certain enormous issues with ghettos. All (or practically) the characters will be all living around here, whether they were brought into the world there, moved, and so forth.


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« Reply #1 on: <06-23-22/0134:18> »
Well, if you're looking at how to bring the Universal Botherhood to pathfinder, might I suggest you take a page from BG3, and use DnD/pathfinder's own body horror monster: the Mind Flayer.

Basically, the same setup as the Universal Brotherhood: some temple/organization is "helping the poor of the city", except, the poor keep disappearing... and other nasties keep happening....

(Should be enough to get you started...)
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