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Title: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Crimsondude on <11-01-17/2321:39>
I'm never going to use to that cursed site again. I will no longer acknowledge r/Shadowrun or any of the Shadowrun-related subreddits. My entire Instagram Discovery feed is already cats, so I'm not going to miss anything.

I encourage everyone else to do the same. I know you won't, but I cannot in good conscience not say so.


I don't have a problem with the r/Shadowrun site. It's just collateral damage to the fact that the site as a whole is a festering boil of trolls, extremists, and straight-up criminal scum that spez and its owners and managers gladly profit off of. Much like how Twitter is a disgusting shit heap of cretins, shit weasels, and Nazis that the founders, managers, and owners support in principle if not in fact.
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Shadowjack on <11-02-17/0246:13>
Are there people there that bother you? There is definitely one particular mod that I feel does a lot of harm to the community.
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Kiirnodel on <11-02-17/0252:09>
If I may ask, what in particular sparked the outcry?

Personally, I feel that reddit tries to pass itself off as a forum of sorts, but the format of post/comments/subcomments/etc. cause actual discussions to be either inconvenient or entirely missed. So while I look at the reddit occasionally, I just can't bring myself to use it consistently.
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: &#24525; on <11-04-17/1734:13>
Yeah what happened?
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Duellist_D on <11-15-17/0833:23>
I'd suspect some drama about the perceived quality of the Authors fictional SR Characters.
/edit: Misread the Op, he talked about reddit in general.
Nvm then
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Eric da MAJ on <11-28-17/2338:16>
Reddit Shadowrun is a mixed bag.  Yes it is a sink hole of toxicity, negativity, and epic, inane rants a la Duke Ameil du H'ardcore.*  But there are a lot of gamers there of all stripes who contribute quality materials on a daily basis ranging from rules CharGen, lore, GMing, and house rule advice,

I have to admit it.   I refer people to Shadowrun Reddit from the ShadowCasters Network Discord if they're all caught up in drowning themselves and the SCN in all the things CGL's screwed up over the years, real and imagined.  It's all there for people to see if they're into that and done better than any drek poster can repost on the Discord. .   ::)  So I tell them to STFU and go there if they want to smear themselves in drek.  And stay there if they can't keep from tracking it into the SCN.

Sadly, the one thing that recommends it the most is that Reddit Shadowrun is ALWAYS UP.  This is fragging important.  There's lots of stuff good here too.  Maybe the same stuff and better stuff.   but I don't drop by often because I can usually count on it being slow, down, or hacked by some 2nd rate Malaysian hackers for lulz.  It's vexing. 

Finally, the Shadowrun Reddit salt is a good thing.  People care about the game.  They love it and want it to be better - and probably wouldn't be satisfied entirely no matter what.  That's why they get all worked up.  When CGL publishes a book with errors and the collective Shadowrun Reddit reaction is a "eh", that's when you'll know the franchise is on its death bed.

And finally, for Red: Put on your ego armor.  Remember you're a published author.  All these people who piss, moan, and insult you aren't. If they could do better, why the hell haven't they?  And I strongly suspect the more worked up they are by a game of all damn things, their personal and professional lives aren't anything you need envy. 

Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Reaver on <11-29-17/1622:24>
lets just say these Forums experience with the /r shadowrun Reddit community has been less then positive. Several times in recent years we have gotten a mass of "new" members from Reddit, for the sole reason of screaming, whining, complaining, and insulting the writers. And no, I don't mean criticize. There is nothing critical in "you are a fucking hack and I hope you die" - as one reddit newcomer put it.

My own experience with reddit has, so far, lead me to believe it has almost no redeeming qualities. (And no, I haven't gone there for SR material, but for more "job related" material).
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Eric da MAJ on <11-29-17/1837:19>
There is redeeming stuff.  You just have to ignore the shit posts.  And yes, the Duke H'ardcores would cheerfully invade anywhere just to insult people.  I had one join the Discord just to insult a freelancer.  He knew it would be his one and only post before I banned him.  Fuck him and others like them.  I take real consolation that they're at best probably miserable consumerist wage slaves that hate their jobs, will marry badly, get screwed in the divorce, have kids that loathe them, and die with nothing but Social Security (if that) and their precious "gaming expertise". 
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Duellist_D on <11-29-17/2359:45>
Eh, quite a lot of the criticism is actually spot-on, its just the tone that is to often not helpful.
And calling someone a hack is totally fine. Red is really among the worst and annoying current Jackpointers, next to Bull, both IC and in regards to how they are written/designed. Wishing somebody personal harm over such trivialities however is just stupid&childish.
The three big and active english net-communities for Shadowrun all have their different communities and each has its unique advantages. Makes it easy to cherrypick useful stuff.
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: adzling on <11-30-17/1050:00>
i used to hate the reddit shadowrun forum, now i love it.

it's organization is horrible compared to this forum but its always up and far more active.

this place is very close to useless now with the constant outages.

it's just another exemplar of the poor state of catalyst, which is unfortunate.
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Duellist_D on <12-01-17/2129:41>
Besides the constant outages, the general activity here seems to have diminished a lot. Which is sorta sad because I prefer traditional forums to look up stuff.
Reddits way of organizing threads is a horrible mess.
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: legionof1 on <12-02-17/0053:40>
Yeah activity drop is to be expected when your forum is down more then its up over a period of months.  80% of the time i've wanted to use this forum in the past 8-10 weeks it's been out. I know RL stoners with better reliability. After awhile you just go elsewhere and stop checking. 
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Reaver on <12-03-17/1853:44>
Sadly, the drop in quality members predates the server issue. We have lost a lot of great contributors over the last 2 years. Chan and Xenon are gone. A4BG is not as active, neither is Wyrm, and I haven't seen a post from CanRay in forever...

Too bad too, as they were all top notch posters with great knowledge to share and pass on...
Title: Re: Abandon Reddit
Post by: Crimsondude on <03-05-18/1808:16>
Reddit's CEO went ahead and reassured everyone that it's going to continue to promote violence and white supremacy, so as far as I am concerned everyone still using Reddit and everyone at Reddit is happilu complicit in promoting, endorsing, and continuing the perpetration of evil acts and violence.