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bnc awakes in pain. "Ugh..."
Everything seems fuzzy. She can almost hear the soft zzoop, zzeem everytime her new eyes zoom in or out. She knew that it was pure imagination, but it just felt fricking weird just to know that your eyeballs are now rotting away in some doctor's dustbin.
However, there were two things that would always distract her. She wasn't going to do drugs in a hospital, so she went VR.

First, she let an app transcript the dialogues between Slobbertooth, Anna and the others and skimmed over the text.

<@Anna <good morning sunshine i still cant see much progress in the astral surveillance. any updates?>>

She gives Slob a short through, then decides to text him: <Slob <can u find out when kynos's contract will be terminated?>>
[spoiler]I can remember we have already roleplayed that, though my memory is usually as reliable as Russian roulette.[/spoiler]

Then she moves to the virtual info wall and tries to get an overview.

She then orders her agent to silently stalk the persona of Vandemark. First of all, he wants to have data on his schedules, but she'll also interpret other information on his matrix activity.

As a last step, she sends another message <@Kite <kite do some surveillance on vandemark. i want as much info as i can get about him. do NOT get caught>>

Now comes her own performance. But before, she needs some pills against her nausea.

# Spoiler tags apparently don't work anymore.
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[spoiler] Kynos's contract will be terminated SoonTM. These folks don't know [/spoiler]
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It seems the part about the decker has been lost in the hack - ironically...

Matrix and drone surveillance revealed to bnc that Vandemark is currently enjoying coffee and ice cream downtown at a retro cineplex where old-school classics are presented in simple 3D or even just 2D projections. He uses an expensive Transsys Avalon, his work deck seems to be completely offline. Soon after his position changes as he enters the cinema a bit more stalking reveals that he is there with a woman, identified by her Hermes Icon as one Jessica Rabiel, software developer at the same firm as himself. They seem to enjoy each other's company and are talking animatedly about shows and books they both like.
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bnc: <@Anna <good morning sunshine i still cant see much progress in the astral surveillance. any updates?>>

In response, Anna took a selfie with the pool at the background and health juice in her hands.
She then texted back >> What astral surveillance? Did I miss anything? Are you alright cutie? How do you feel? I hope that everything went well. If you are talking about what I think you are talking then I blame the drugs for making you a bit confused. Otherwise, consider me too much of a barbie to follow and virtually bitchslap me or something... I can then go to my room, seat in the corner and do what you want me to do.

We decided that a magical lodge made that made astral too dangerous. We are trying for a mundane surveillance and there is some legwork to do.  Get uniform understand when the room is empty stuff like that. I am currently at the hotel - chillin out, I bugged my own room to learn the cleaning cycle. Perhaps you had something better to do.
<Selfie attached>

Then she moved to the reception and inquired if the hotel provided  laundry services, she hoped that such a service may give he access to their cleaning stuff uniform.

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