[SR5] Elven Technomancer?

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« on: <11-14-13/2004:39> »
Is it possible to make a decent elven technomancer in SR5?  I'd like to play an elf for reasons, but it ends up seeming like I won't actually have the skillpoints to succeed in the matrix?  Rough character sheet follows to illustrate my dilemma.

Runner Name: hangedMan

A Attributes
B Techomancer
C Elf (3)
D Skills
E Resources

Body 4
Agi 4
Rea 3
Str 1
Wil 6
Log 5
Int 5
Cha 7

Edg 2
Ess 6
Res 6

Codeslinger (Hack on the Fly)
Distinctive Style
Uncommon, Severe Allergy

Complex Forms
Static Veil (free)
Cleaner (free)
(12 Karma of Complex Forms)
Diffusion of Firewall
Transcendent Grid

Compiling 4
Registering 4

Computer 4
Cybercombat 1 (-->2, 4 Karma)
E. War. 3 (-->4, 8 Karma)
Hacking 4
Hardware 4
Software 6

(10 Karma of extra skills)
Etiquette 1
Negotiation 1
Pistols 2

Resources (+6 Karma of extra resources)
Basic stuff, rating 5 commlink, fake sin, lifestyle, etc.

The group has a dedicated decker/hacker type so I'll mostly be doing support hacking and dealing with OS ratings, but I'm worried that I'll be unable to handle hacking independently should shenanigans occur that disable our main hacker.

And uh, somewhat related, but how are sprites best used in this edition?


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« Reply #1 on: <11-14-13/2026:57> »
Not sure why you're going CABDE here: just as a quick example, if you drop your physical attributes a bit (like to 3/3/2/1), you could go DBACE, giving you 3 extra Complex Forms, 2 extra Resonance skillpoints, and 6/2 extra general skill points. Spend 10 Karma on Edge 1->2 to give you a little more liberty to use sprites, and you should be fine.
Also, what would a technomancer want with an R5 commlink?


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« Reply #2 on: <11-14-13/2118:35> »
Probably because I don't really have a head for this stuff.  But that priority revision makes so much sense in retrospect it hurts.

Although I want the R5 commlink since it seems like I can't slave devices to my persona or join in group phone calls unless I have one.  So, I figured I could slave my gun to my commlink to protect it, and also use it as part of the "Technomancer?  Nooo, I'm just a regular ordinary person here" con.


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« Reply #3 on: <11-15-13/1627:37> »
Not bad, really. I'd be interested in seeing your rebuild if you go DBACE. I built a CBADE TM, but I went Dwarf.

I agree with your choice of buying a commlink. I went one step further though, getting the DR6 Fairlight Excalibur. Keep in mind though that you can do group phone calls with your Living Persona no problem.