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Title: [5E] Dr. Grumpy
Post by: Zweiblumen on <08-04-14/2021:04>
Made this guy before I started reading the forums, but liked the concept.  First attempt at making a caster, he's mostly a support char.  Fix/build armor/weapons and keep most of your body parts in the right place/order.  He goes the tech/magic route for healing for the double goodness.

Feedback appreciated!  Also, just linking to the PDF good enough, or do you all generally prefer copying it all out in the forum?
Title: Re: [5E] Dr. Grumpy
Post by: ZeldaBravo on <08-06-14/0322:18>
I like him a lot! It bothers me that he has literally zero social skills and that nasty quality. If someone does something horrible (like asking dr's name or, god forbid, thank him for something) it will be a struggle to say something that is not all caps 'FRAG YOU'.
Title: Re: [5E] Dr. Grumpy
Post by: Zweiblumen on <08-06-14/1317:19>
Thanks for the feedback ZB.  I agree about his poor social skills, that was more or less written into his history.  The guy is a jerk, but he'll take care of those under his charge (maybe I should give him code of honor also? Just not take the karma for it since I'm maxed already).
Title: Re: [5E] Dr. Grumpy
Post by: ZeldaBravo on <08-06-14/1702:24>
I think this is a matter of roleplay mostly. Qualities (mostly) don't represent inter-player relationships.