SR1 Q's needing A's

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« on: (10:05:57/04-04-17) »
I mentioned before that we will be running SR1 here in the near future.

Going over the rules I'm at a head scratcher point.

Pg67. Reducing Damage
"The target's successes reduce the Wound Category step by step, again using the Staging Number and dropping fractions of steps. If the dice from the Dodge Pool (and only these dice, so use a different color die or something) push the total of successes on the Resistance Test higher than the attacker's original number, it's a clean miss."

Does the "than the attacker's original number" mean number of successes or mean the actual number rolled?

Gotta love SR at times, they used the worst possible example as the example.


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« Reply #1 on: (12:52:49/04-04-17) »
Number of successes.


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« Reply #2 on: (20:55:18/04-19-17) »
If Dodge Pool successes is greater than Attack To-Hit successes you've really lucked out by dodging the entire attack (ignore any staging).