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« on: <04-05-12/1608:43> »
I am fully aware that when you log into an account that the forum post timestamps match your time zone to make it easy to figure out when the post was made relative to your time.

But one thing I noticed is that when you're not logged in the posts go off of forum time, but there is no readout (that I could find) that shows you the 'current' forum time, thus making you unable to determine how long ago the post was made (easily anyhow).

So as a small suggestion, is there any way we can add a time/date readout of the current forum time for when you're not logged in? I can understand the argument of  "If it bugs you just get an account and log in" but what if you're on a public domain and can't/don't want to log in for security reasons?

So I once again humbly state that I'd like to see a forum clock for the 'not logged in' forum format if possible to give a little more utility to the guests that peruse the site.


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« Reply #1 on: <04-05-12/2256:18> »
How would the system know what time you're in?
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« Reply #2 on: <04-05-12/2258:06> »
from personal forum settings, specifically time offset on the layout sub page.
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« Reply #3 on: <04-06-12/0012:55> »
from personal forum settings, specifically time offset on the layout sub page.

oh... I did not release.  Its always been American time... which in Australia can be confusing when you guys are almost a day behind....

+1 to you
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