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« on: <07-20-11/1846:16> »
Scout Gear (1 bp, 5,000 )
Rating 3 Contacts (600 )
[Vision Enhancement 3, Vision Magnification, Flare Comp]
Rating 3 Earbuds (330)
[Audio Enhancement 3]
Rating 3 Headphones (650 )
[Spatial Recognizer, Select Sound Filter 2]
Rating 3 Goggles (375 )
[Image Link, Low Light, Thermographic]
Rating 6 Radio Signal Scanner (150 )
Rating 6 Cyberware Scanner (450 )
Rating 6 Laser Microphone (300 )
Directional Mic (50 )
Motion Sensor (50 )
Rating 4 Olfactory Sensor (2000 )

Scout Armor (1 bp, 5,000 )
Full-Body Form-Fit (4600 )
[Rating 6 Thermal Dampning]
Ballistic Mask (155 )
[Image Link]
Vitals (200 )
Certified Credstick [20 on stick]

Secret Agent Pistol  Kit ( 1 BP, 5000 )
Lightfire 70
[Barrel Reduction, Electric Firing, Extended Clip, Smartlink, Gecko Grip]
Mounts: Lightfire Silencer, Flashlight, Hidden Gun Slide
7 clips (3000)
110 Subsonic rounds (440)
70 Stick and Shock rounds (560)
50 EX-Exp rounds (500)
50 Flechette rounds (500)


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« Reply #1 on: <08-19-11/1118:01> »
I'm not sure what the Lightfire is, but that seems like a LOT of ammunition for a pistol. It would take YEARS to fire 280 shots if you're a halfway decent "secret agent".


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« Reply #2 on: <08-19-11/1324:49> »
That's true, but I'm not sure what he'd replace the extra ammo with within that kit. (Good use of the Lightfire, by the way.)
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« Reply #3 on: <08-20-11/0241:36> »
Or one really big troll.

I probably when I buy ammo, I usually decide how many clips I'd like to have (usually 2,3, or 5) and add ten to the total (hence, 50, 70, and 110) for reloading room. Then again, I tend to have stockpiles that I replenish as needed, because nothing sucks worse than needing some SnS and not being able to get any till after the run.

The Lightfire is a Light Pistol with a separate special silencer that give a -5 to be heard (rather than the standard -4). Combined with Electric Firing this is a -6 with most ammo types (I maintain that EX-exp is loud, but some would disagree) and a -8 for Sub-sonic ammo. Unfortunately, as a light pistol, damage is rather low so better be a good shot, stealthy, or preferably both.  8)


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« Reply #4 on: <08-20-11/1454:45> »
Everyday Wear 1 BP
Full Body Form Fit (Modified) 3550¥
[Non-conductive 6, Chemical Protection 3]
Softweaved Lined Coat (Modified) 1370¥
[Fire Resistance 6]
Concealable Holster 75¥
50 Km Rail Pass 5¥

Toxin Protection Gear 1 BP
Full Body Form Fit (Modified) 3700¥
[Chemical Protection 6, Radiation Shielding 3]
Gas mask w/Image Link Display and Geiger Counter 275¥
Biomonitor 300¥
2 Rating Sixe Antidote Patches (Rating 6) 600¥
//Must choose the toxins that Antidote Patches affect
StimPatch (Rating 5) 125¥

Hunting Eqipment 1 B.P.
Camoflauge Suit (Modified) 2100¥
[Insulation 6]
//Must Choose Environment
Contacts (Rating 3) 575¥
[Image Link,Low-Light, Visual Enhancement 3]
Earbuds (Rating 2) 420¥
[Audio Enhancement 3, Spatial Recognizer]
Biomonitor 300¥
Sensors (Atmosphere 3, GPS, Motion Sensor) 325¥
Flashlight 25¥
Survival Kit 100¥
Medical Kit (Rating 6) 600¥
Trauma Patch 500¥
StimPatch (Rating 2) 50¥
Light Stick 5¥

Hunting Loadout 1 BP
Survival Knife 50¥
Mannlicher Wildhüter w/Sling (Modified) 4500¥
[Improved Rangefinder, Firing Selection Change (SA, Small), Electronic Firing,
Chameleon Coating]
4 Clips 15¥
20 normal sportrifle rounds 40¥
20 flechette sportrifle rounds 200¥
Colt Asp 175¥
10 Light Pistol rounds 20¥

Revolver Expert 1 BP

Ruger Super Warhawk (Modified) 1600¥
[Increased Cylinder, Smartlink, High Power Chambering, Personalized Grip,
Extended Barrel]
Ruger Super Warhawk (Modified) 2100¥
[Increased Cylinder, Smartlink, Personalized Grip, Chameleon Coating]
Taurus Multi-6 (Modified) 1200¥
[Increased Cylinder, Barrel Reduction, Personalized Grip, Smartlink]
40 Heavy Pistol Rounds
10 Light Pistol Rounds
//High Power rounds are more efficient to buy after creation

Throways 1 BP
Streetline Special (Modified) 200¥
[High Power Chambering]
Taurus Multi-6 200¥
2 Cavalier Deputies 450¥
Caralier Deputy (Modified) 450¥
[High Power Chambering]
30 Heavy Pistol Capsule rounds (Neuro Stun) 2790¥
40 Heavy Pistol SnS rounds 320¥
40 Heavy Pistol EX-exp rounds 400¥
20 Light Pistol SnS rounds 160¥
10 Heavy Pistol Gel rounds 30¥
//High Power rounds are more efficient to buy after creation


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« Reply #5 on: <09-14-11/0752:20> »
Grenadier Pack. 1BP, 5000y. Availability 12F

Equipment for a support grenadier in a self contained pack including armor, weapon and accessories. Use airbrust grenades to engage foes with good cover and to clear rooms with minimal exposure and burst fire from the well recoil compensated assault rifle to engage targets in the open. Note: The Aries Alpha and fragmentation microgrenades are illegal for civilian ownership, being caught with it is a Bad Thing.

Suggested for characters with  Body 4+ (5+ to wear the helmet), Automatics skill, and Heavy Weapons skill. Grenade Launcher and Assault Rifle specialties can help, as can Blades skill, though the survival knife is intended as a tool as much as a weapon.

Armored Jacket (900)
Helmet (100)
Glasses with Smartlink (525)
Aries Alpha with Airburst Link, Gas Vent 2, Smartlink. (2400)
Survival Knife (50)
4 clips (Aries Alpha, Rifle) (20)
3 clips (Aries Alpha, Grenade Launcher) (15)
200 Regular assault rifle rounds (400)
12 Fragmentation Microgrenades (420)
6 Flashbang Microgrenades (180)
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« Reply #6 on: <09-23-11/1438:18> »
Equipment PACKs can have leftover nuyen. You don't have to spend the whole BP, you know...But it does make it easier! I would swap out some of that ammo on the Lightfire for the internal smartgun customization from the core book so you can free up that mod slot, and use it for something else.


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« Reply #7 on: <09-23-11/1531:10> »
Well the way I read the internal smartgun system in Arsenal (and the way the few GMs I know around here do as well) is that it replaces the internal smartgun system from SR4A. SR4A doesn't have mod rules, so its called an accessory there, but Arsenal says "This modification is the internal version of the smartgun system (p. 322,SR4A)."

I designed it to be able to go from legal (carrying it without the silencer) to silenced. Another route to go (and more effective for silence) would be to get rid of the gecko grip and extended clip and pick up an internal silencer mod (-7 to hear, -9 with subsonic) if you don't mind the gun always being illegal.

I tend to spend all of the money, but I find it easier for people that don't want that much ammo to get rid of some and spend the recovered nuyen rather than leave extra nuyen in the PACK.


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« Reply #8 on: <09-25-11/0223:20> »
Aggressive Infiltration pack. 2BP (10000y) Availability 12R

Some equipment packs are intended to allow a scout to collect data undetected. This is not one of them, instead this pack focuses on giving someone the tools to operate in deep shadows, avoid or escape contact and murder someone quietly.

Suggested for those with Body 3+ and the Automatics, Climbing and Infiltration skill, though even those without Infiltration may find themselves able to avoid detection with the help of the chameleon suit and smoke grenades and those without climbing can handle simple fences and rough walls with gecko tape gloves, time to go slow and dry conditions.

Chameleon Suit (8000)
Glasses rating 2 with Smartlink and Low Light Vision. (650)
Gecko Tape Gloves (250)
Survival Knife (50)
Ingram Smartgun X with Stock, Gas Vent 2, Shock Pad, Sound Suppressor and Smartgun system. (700)
130 Submachine Gun Ammo (260)
4 Ingram Smartgun Clips (20)
2 Thermal Smoke Grenades (70)


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« Reply #9 on: <09-25-11/0327:40> »
Shadowrunner Beginner's Kit. 3 BP (15,000y) Availability 12F

When just starting out or starting over, sometimes you have to begin from ground zero. Intended to reflect a good mix of basic gear for any shadowrunner, this kit can be tweaked for a runner with little difficulty. With a basic comlink, armor that won't raise an eyebrow in most areas and a pistol that is one of the symbols of shadowrunning. Round it out with a touch of medical supplies any shadowrunner can use if things go wrong or even sometimes when they go right and sensor enhancements. You might want to add contacts with vision modes you don't have from nature, and the credstick is just in case you need to pay for something and you don't want to leave a data trail. You even get a month prepaid at a crappy apartment.

Ok, it's not perfect. But if you need to burn all ties to your old life and set up somewhere, you can do worse then cracking open this kit.

Fake Sin Rating 4 (4000)
Fake License Rating 4 (Firearms) (400)
Fake License Rating 4 (Bodyguard, Bounty Hunter or use for your cyber-gear) (400)

One month of Low Lifestyle (2000)

Novatech Airware Comlink with Isis Orb OS (Signal, Response, System and Firewall 3), Basic+ Suite [Analyze 3, Browse 3, Command 1, Edit 3], Encrypt Rating 3, Mapsoft (Your game's starting city) Rating 3, Skinlink, Trodes, AR Gloves, Cold Sim Module. (3265)

Glasses Rating 4 with Image Link, Smartlink, Vision Enhancement Rating 3, Flare Compensation and Skinlink (1025)

Earbuds Rating 2 with Audio Enhancement Rating 3, Spacial Recognizer and Skinlink. (470)

Lined Coat with Insulation and Fire Resistance at Rating 6 (2200)

Aries Predator with Skinlink, Smartlink and Concealed Holster (475)

60 Heavy Pistol Ammo and 4 Aries Predator Clips (140)

Medkit Rating 6 (600)

Certified Credstick (25)
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« Reply #10 on: <09-25-11/0356:48> »
this is something a realisitic shadowrunner would have stored several times all over the city. And maybe in foreign cities.


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« Reply #11 on: <09-25-11/0533:58> »
I suppose you could consider it a 15 point positive quality to have 5 safe houses set up with it. :)

Just a move-in ready basement in a bad part of town full of fake ID, weapons, med supplies, gear, a month worth of water purification tablets for the stuff that comes out of the taps and ration bars.

I was at first thinking of just a quick list of basic gear for starting characters so a player that is new or in a rush wouldn't forget something they'd want later. In game, having this pack around would let a burned runner recover from being SINless and naked with nowhere to turn to, so yeah, I think a Shadowrunner might want to have at least a basic version of this kind of kit stashed somewhere.


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« Reply #12 on: <09-25-11/0623:48> »
For 75000 nuyen, yeah, I'd say that's a really good deal.
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« Reply #13 on: <10-03-11/0417:31> »
Forget the Low Lifestyle; it's only 1 month, it's almost not worth it, considering you have to keep it up.  Since you don't have a vehicle, go with a Squatter lifestyle 5x5 storage unit.  Spend the same amount, just get a lot more time for it.
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« Reply #14 on: <10-04-11/1855:52> »
It's hard to blend in when you live squatter lifestyle, and can't impress anyone when you show up for a job in squatter clothes with showers a distant memory. 1 month of Low lets you get your feet under you and start making money without standing out for being so poor.

This pack is also supposed to be useful to new character, not just one on the run.