Cyberware suites

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« on: <04-09-11/1829:47> »
It occurred to me that this would be a good place for people to post cyberware suites (p. 48, Augmentation). These are much like PACKs from the player's point of view.

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« Reply #1 on: <04-09-11/2012:22> »
Applaud. I'll start thinking of some.
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« Reply #2 on: <04-16-11/1601:14> »
I made one up a while back.  I've never used it and don't know if I ever will, but still, I made it.  ;D

It's for survivalist types and oh....talisleggers I suppose.
Essence: 0.99 (standard), 0.792 (alphaware)
Availability:  12 (standard), 12 (alphaware)
Cost:  15,255 nuyen (standard), 30,510 nuyen (alphaware) 
Cybereyes (Rating 1) with eye recording unit, flare compensation, image link, low-light vision, and vision enhancement (Rating 1)
Cyberears (Rating 1) with audio enhancement (Rating 1), ear recording unit, increased sensitivity, sound link, and spatial recognizer
Retractable Climbing Claws
Orientation System
Grip Feet


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« Reply #3 on: <04-17-11/2038:58> »
Nice, that's cool! It'd be handy for quite a few mages and adepts too.

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« Reply #4 on: <04-19-11/0045:36> »
This is one I've made a while ago, before getting hold of Augmentation. Using the cyberware suites and modding it, it'd get down to the following.

Quote from: Basic Melee Street Fighter Customization
124'200/25 BP; 4.83 Essence
Adds +2 Body (for damage resistance only) +2 Strength, +2 Agility, + 2 Reaction, +1 IP and +2 Impact armor; melee attacks are (STR/2 +2)P

Ceramic Bone Lacing;
Re-usable autoinjector (drugs not included);
Ultrasound Sensor;
Rating 1 Cybereyes w/ Eye Recording Unit, Image link and Low-Light Vision;
Rating 2 Cyberears w/ Ear Recording Unit, Sound Link, Balance Augmenter and Spatial Recognizer;
Rating 1 Wired Reflexes;
Rating 1 Reaction Enhancer; and
Rating 2 Muscle Replacement.

All 'warez are Alpha.

Hope someone else other than my troll street sam Prime Runner can use it.  ;D
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What the hell did you use?
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« Reply #5 on: <05-25-11/1539:33> »
Combat, Inc. Fire Support -- Avail 12F -- Essence 3.78 -- Cost 63,878(13bp)
(alphaware version avail 15F, essence 3.024, cost 127,755(26bp)

Took a minor custom liberty with this, notated with an *. Everything else is core. This suite is designed for a soldier to provide heavy weapons fire support, guidance for indirect mortar and rocket fire, and have supplemental armor for unit survival.

  • cyberarm, obvious (right arm)* -- Body 3(5), Agility 3(7), Strength 3(7) -- armor 2, agility enhancement 4, body enhancement 2, bulk modification 4, cyberarm gyromount, cyber safety, rating 3 laser designator*, strength enhancement 4
  • cybertorso, obvious -- Body 3(5), Agility 3, Strength 3 -- armor 2, auto-injector (reusable, one dose) w/ rating 6 stimulant (as stimpatch), auto-injector (reusable, one dose) w/ jazz, bio-monitor, body enhancement 2, internal air tank
  • foot anchor
  • kevlar bone lacing
  • rating 2 cybereyes -- eye recording unit, flare compensation, image link, low-light vision, protective covers, smartlink, vision magnification
  • suite's cyberlimbs may be customized to match natural attributes for +1 avail and 2,700 per point of increase to Agi, Bod or Str (both cybertorso and cyberarm must be customized equally)

* Laser Designator allows indirect fire guidance and has a 400m range (Arsenal, p. 34). Uses capacity of 2. Due to bulk modification, a -2 dice pool modifier is applied to any tests requiring careful coordination of both arms (such as climbing).

Horizon Gridrunner -- Avail 12 -- Essence 2.6 -- Cost 49,275(10bp)
(alphaware version avail 12, essence 2.08, cost 98,550(20bp)

This suite is designed for the courier on the go, helping him to get important deliverables from point A to point B quickly and safely.

  • balance augmenter inner ear mod
  • cyberfeet, obvious (both) -- bulk modification 1, cyberskates, grip feet
  • datajack -- loaded with rating 4 mapsoft of city street layout in metro area of choice
  • data lock -- loaded with rating 6 strong encryption (24 hour interval for Decrypt extended tests)
  • flex hands
  • orientation system -- comes with Horizon TrafficWatch subscription (provides a +3 dice pool modifier in most metroplexes to avoid traffic hazards, ongoing criminal activity, etc.)
  • rating 2 cybereyes -- eye light system, eye recording unit, flare compensation, image link, low-light vision, vision enhancement 3
  • smart articulation
  • smuggling compartment


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« Reply #6 on: <09-13-11/0041:00> »
Sensor Enhancement Suite. Availability 9, Essence .7, 14,750y (3BP) (Basic) or Essence  .66 , 29,500y (6BP) for Alpha.

Intended to serve as a cheap and easy basic package for people seeking to improve on their natural abilities this pack is made to be miminaly invasive while providing better then human abilities to most senses and at the same time protecting those more powerful senses from being overwhelmed.

Be the first to tell your friends "I've seen things you wouldn't believe" after watching attack ships on fire by the Tannhauser Gate in high resolution and across more of the electromagnetic spectrum then any organic eye can! Hear a pin drop across the room, or the racing heart of the mugger waiting to ambush you around the corner! Smell things you've never smelled!

Cybereyes (Rating 2) with Eye Recording Unit, Image Link, Flare Compensation, Low Light Vision, Thermograpic Vision and Vision Enhancement (Rating 3).

Cyberears with Ear Recording Unit, Sound Link, Damper and Audio Enhancement (Rating 3)

Olfactory Booster (Rating 1)

A common but legally restricted substitution is to reduce vision enhancement to rating 2 in order to make room for a built in smartlink. This reduces the overall cost by 500y on the basic system.

Instant Warrior combat Suite. Availableity 12R.  5.6 Essence, 130,000y (26BP) (Basic) or 4.48 Essence, 178,000y (36BP) (Alpha)

Becoming skilled and dangerous combatant takes years of work and discipline to develop the physical abilities and skills required. Sometimes, however, you don't have that. Sometimes you have to go from a beginner to a pro and you don't even have time for a montage.

We can help. It's brutal and invasive to a degree most people can't even imagine but when we are done no matter what pathetic unskilled couch potato you start as you will be ready to cut though corpsec drones like a hot knife though butter.

If ninjas kidnapped your family and you need to save them or if you need to turn your unskilled but loyal lackey into a wired killing machine this is the package for you. We even dump an encyclopedic knowledge of weapons into your head along with the muscle memory and instincts of a trained solider.

Skillwires (Rating 3)
Wired Reflexes (Rating 2)
Muscle Replacement (Rating 2)

Activesoft (Automatics, Rating 3)
Activesoft (Doge, Rating 3)
Activesoft (Pistols, Rating 2)
Knowsoft (Weapons, Rating 1)
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« Reply #7 on: <09-26-11/0155:17> »
Street Samurai Basic Suite 119,000 (24BP). Availability 12R. Essence 2.9

Street Samurai's a rather broad term for a group of people that might be mercenaries, bodyguards, bounty hunters or soldiers. While nobody can tell what an individuals might need, sometimes it's good to be able to offer them a good set of options when a kid comes into the office knowing they need an edge to go with the skills they've picked up but not knowing very much about augmentation technology.

This package leverages the synergy between bioware and cyberware to keep essence cost modest while greatly enhancing baseline ability. The Wired Reflexes are upgraded to Alpha quality to reduce their detectable and invasiveness, while the bioware is kept at basic levels. While increases in reaction speed, agility and toughness give a broad foundation of enhanced ability, many will wish to augment this basic package with classic street samarui equipment like cybereyes and spurs.

Note: A thousand remains in the BP cost of this pack. As a humble suggestion, such is enough to buy a rating 4 license for the cyberware and rating 3 licenses for the much harder to detect muscular enhancement bioware.

Wired Reflexes Rating 2 (Alpha) (64,000) (2.4 Essance)

Muscle Augmentation Rating 2 (14,000) (.4 Essance, .2 When Installed)
Muscle Toner Rating 2 (16,000) (.4 Essence, .2 When Installed)
Platelet Factories (25,000) (.2 Essence, .1 When Installed)
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« Reply #8 on: <03-04-12/1357:23> »

with my 3rd party corp campaign majoring on r&d for a good deal of money by selling to other corporations and groups, you think it would be ok to introduce bioware packages into the mix, i mean it would be a step up from the cyberware packages, and would probably financially inefficient for it to come in the regular consumer market.\

they would also be limited by where they grow since all the parts would have to be similar in material but also provided the boost from the cyberware suite rules in Augmentation so i have a few on hand for people to think about

Muscle Booster Package       R*.36 for Essence            R*13500 for cost Medic Nanoware R1 for 675*R of Package

Combined Muscle Augmentation and Muscle Toner

Soldier Package                   1.035 Essence                134100 for Medic Nanoware R1 add 6705

Pain Editor
Sleep Regulator
Synaptic Booster 1
Adrenal Regulator
MPC Bridge

the synaptic booster is upgradable at full cost for the remaining two grades


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« Reply #9 on: <02-12-13/1642:20> »
Chrysanthemum DreamGrl suite
Created by the inovative bunraku parlors, trying to minimise costs and maximise income. this suite creates the hardworking bunraku hostess/host.

Data filter
gastric neuro stimulator
silky skin
cosmetic modififation
essence 0.99 and cost 14.400
 persona fix chips and language knowsofts not included. nor encryption on the datalock.  The suite is rarely made as alpha ware, but the deluxe edition features penile/brest implants for 1.215 essence and 16650 nuyen

The suite works as follows: When the bunraku hostess is activated the data filter makes sure she doesnt remember anything while the persona fix takes over her personality. The simrig records everything and loads it into the datalock. The data jack, loads persona fixes and the necessary language and knowsoft skills. Cosmetic modification and silky skin covers up some of the implant scars and transfoms the hostess into a sexy simstarlett or whatever was hot at the moment. Later the simrig recording in the datalock can be turned into pr0n sims or used as leverage against the customer or as intelligence gathering. The gastric neurp stimulator... yeah
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« Reply #10 on: <02-15-13/1107:15> »
I think what is missing is probaly the most important one

The wage slace suit.

Skill wires rank 3
Data jack.

(that whould be the standard one most wage slaves get.)