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Nope, I'm enjoying Red Dead Redemption at present (looking forward to PS Move with Peacemaker controller :) ) but thx for the tip, I'll watch out for it.

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I just can't reconcile my thoughts about honor as a relatively universal term being applied to criminals like your generic street sam who is, for all their posturing, still just a criminal. I don't buy into personal honor because it begins to sound too much like the personal justifications of a psychopath.

Of all the tumblr topics, the one that still seems most resonant to me is that SR still seems to hate Africa. I don't know why, but I looked at the map of Africa from the Almanac and ... Holy Cow. I was disappointed to say the least.

Oh, and the fetish one. I'm still amused and amazed by how many characters and players seem to define themselves or their PCs by their stuff. That is wacky.

One of the other things I've been thinking about, and in part it came from being away from gaming and from even walking away from the hobby that took its place is that I am sick of violence. It's kind of a RL thing, too, but I am very much of the mind that I would like to try my best to pull off a run without violence. I know it can be done; I've done it as a PC and had PCs do it in games I GMed. But in the 15 years I spent playing SR I killed a lot of characters, including at least 20 of my own PCs and I ran a ton of assassination jobs on Shadowland. I never got the whole armed-to-the-teeth mentality or gratuitous violence because it's unprofessional, but like I said, I still ended up killing hundreds of characters over the years (And that's ignoring the fact that I made the effects of Crash 2.0 much more horrific, widespread and lasting on SL than in canon). Sure, most of them were criminal to one extent or another. Slavers were always popular targets on SL. But some of it was just brutal espionage pissing matches where glorified bureaucrats got offed because they got in the way.

So basically I'm sick of it. Anymore my ideal job is totally unarmed and preferably through an agent who already has access to a specific location. It's not so much clean because they were sneaky like ten ninjas. It's clean because it never really happened.

Oh, there's a supplemental letter I sent to FanPro about the DeeCee proposal that explains the tone in more detail. Linked in the OP.
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