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Metaposeur from Augmentation

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--- Quote from: Augmentation, p. 89 ---Phenotypic Alteration
     Phenotypic alteration can create virtually any change to the body within the limits of metahuman norm. This treatment can elongate limbs, change skin tone or color, add horns, modify hair, change overall build, and so forth. The limits are left to the gamemasterís judgment, but a good guideline is to disallow obviously inhuman changes such as extra limbs, non-metahuman sensory organs, non-metahuman features or anything more fanciful. Specific changes may be incompatible with organ replacements such as cyberlimbs, cybereyes, bioware skin, or cosmetic modifications.
     The following changes are common Phenotypic Alterations.
     Ethnicity Alternation: This treatment can achieve complete or partial ethnic alteration of ethnic characteristics from one to another, both physically and genetically.
Phenotype AdjustmentsTreatment TimeEssenceAvailabilityCostEthnicity Alteration4 weeks0.2840,000•
--- End quote ---

Ethnicity Alteration is changing from "racial" type to another, e.g. white to asian. I'd probably make Metaposeur around double the EA, since EA is double Print Removal. So, 8 weeks, 0.4 Essence, 12 Availability and 75,000•.


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