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Alternate Power Levels
PG 15

It's states that:
"Sum-to-ten (p. 27) becomes sum-to-twelve,
which means that you may buy 12 points worth
of priorities."
Makes sense with Street that it's sum-to-eight (So, two more, two less)

But it's also says:
If you are using the priority system, you may
choose one priority at A, two at B, one at C, and
one D.
But if you apply this in sum, it will be 13, not 12.
The right one probably is one priority at A, ONE at B, TWO at C, and
one D.

p120 - Climate Adaptation  - there is a "Climate Adaptation Table" that does not in any way appear to actually connect mechanically to the Quality. There also does not appear to be a max level listed despite having a "karma per level" cost.


p84 - Hobgoblins have the Quality "Extravagant Eyes", which does not appear anywhere in the book.



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