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I have just noticed : the first expansion (the character sheets and sticker "refill") is not announced on the Crossfire page mentionned in OP. For better visibility (and sales obviously), I suggest mentionning the expansions (present and future) in this page in a visibile way.

Quick noob question...
When playing campaing do you keep your deck from run to run. Or do the shadowrunners just drop all wep/forget all spells and skills (ie discard deck that they spent  good hard earned Nuyen on).

The Tekwych:
You start new. Your character 're-equips' with each new game. Karma earned, and the upgrades karma can buy, stay with you.

Da Profezzur:
Hey there!
Just one small question concerning the expansion High Caliber Ops.
A whole lot of Black Market basic cards such as "Quick Shot", "Mark', "Street Smarts" ans so on, are provided in the box.
Are they simply to add to the Black Market pile, or are they intended to replace part of the previos ones (in terms of picture) to add more variety?
My thought is addind such a lot of basic cards ruins a lot of chances to get hands on more interesting and powerful stuff!
So, as nothing seems to be explained about that in the expansion rulebook, does someone has an idea? :)

You never add Basic cards to the Black Market, including any extras included in the Base Crossfire game.
The ones that came with High Caliber Ops are extra art for the cards you'll see every game, just to keep it fresh.  8)


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