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What is Shadowrun EdgeZone: The Upgradeable Card Game.

It is a deck construction game in the vein of traditional CCGs, just without the random blind buy aspect. You build your own decks out of your collection of cards, then compete against other players as you build and equip a team of runners and send them after Objectives to collect Reputation points, facing challenges laid out by your opponents along the way.

Is EdgeZone compatible with the original Shadowrun Trading Card Game from FASA?

Yes. 100%. We even kept the same card backs so you can mix and match the old and new cards.

What does "Upgradeable Card Game" mean? Is this a CCG?

No, SREZ is not a collectible card game. Instead it is a "living" style card game. This means that each core box and any expansion setswe release will all contain an identicle set of cards and they contain a full playset of those cards (3 copies of regular cards, one copy of Unique cards). So unless you're loking to build a lot of decks using the same cards, you only need to buy a single one of each release.

The Upgradeable part simply means that you can combine sets together to give you a larger pool of cards to build decks with.

Are there coop rules?

Not really, as the game is designed to be adversarial. However, you could play 2v2 teams with the existing rules easy enough.

Are there rules for solo play?

Not yet, but I'm working on them. I'll have them posted around the te the game is released.

When will the game be released?

The Kickstarter ended on October 4th, 2022 and will be heading to print very soon. With the nature of production and shipping in the world of Covid, things are far less reliable than they once were. The kickstarter has a release date of October 2023, but that's a very generous estimate to account for major delays. It will hopefully be much, much sooner.

will there be e pansionsets?

I hope so. It all depends on sales. The ki kstarter was a rousing success, so I have hopes. Not only do I have a lot of cards I can pull from the original SRTCG still, I have tons of ideas for new stuff as well. So. Many. Ideas.