Newbie Help: Yakuza Samurai (5e)

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« on: <07-19-20/1649:36> »
Hello chummers!

So I will have my first Shadowrun session in two weeks (Neo-Tokyo setting) with discussing our characters next week.
I made a bunch of characters to figure out what I want (and might be missing in the group) like a yakuza face, a shinto shaman and my last idea is for a Yakuza Street Samurai.
And while I am relatively confident in the shaman and face build, I realized that I am very unsure on the whole weapons and cyber/bioware thing despite using Chummer and going through multiple books, guides and even threads here.
So if anyone could look over what I have and give some feedback on any really stupid or obvious stuff, I'd appreciate that!

Short Background:
He's a classic enforcer in the Inagawa-kai. He isn't a low mook anymore (Made Man), but the only important people that know his name are the Kyodai and Shatei aka the local clan. Lost parts of his left arm in a territory fight. I plan on discussing with the GM how he can be in the Yakuza AND in the party (considering that Yakuza only use them for the dirt work and think runners are all idiots). My current thought is that my fixer recommends me to the rest of the group, either cause I have a debt to him for some of my equipment/ware OR if the first run of the GM could be aligned with Yakuza interests, then maybe my fixer plays middle man between my gang and the group and I get assigned as "good enough to deal with this, not important enough to be saddened when lost".

(In case it is relevant: Priority System, Availability 15, all 5e custom content allowed)
I have NOT used left-over Karma yet since Chummer then closes editing the character, so all these things can still receive 15 extra Karma (with current quality choices)!

SKILLS: C (28 / 2 group / 14 knowledge)

(tried to balance, but many talked about the importance of Agility and reaction, so added more there by dropping Charisma & Logic)
Body: 3
Agility: 5 (8)
Reaction: 5 (7)
Strength: 3
Charisma: 2
Intuition: 5
Logic: 2
Willpower: 3
Edge: 5

(practical positive Qualities + Made Man for Yakuza background, negative qualities again due to Yakuza [used to getting told what to do, pretty racist])
Pos. Qualities:
- Battle Hardened 3
- High Pain Tolerance 2
- Made Man
Neg. Qualities:
- Designated Omega
- Prejudiced (Common, Outspoken): Metahumans
- Prejudiced (Specific, Biased): Awakened

Tobiuo, Fixer (3/3)
Inagawa-kai, Yakuza group (1/3, Made Man-given)

(since everyone in the group except DM is new, I assume no one else is gonna prepare for being driver, so I am driver & fighter)
Athletics Group 2
Armorer 1
Automatics (Assault Rifles) 5
Automotive Mechanic 1
Heavy Weapons 5
Perception 3
Pilot Ground Craft 3
Sneaking 4
Unarmed Combat 4 (Cyber Implants)

(no clue why I should know about cyber, but almost every street samurai had that one, so I assume it is important. Otherwise japanese and weapon/yakuza knowledge)
Japanese N
Yakuza (Signs) 4
Firearms 4
Security Companies 3
Cybertechnology 2

(Mnemonic enhancer & skilljack so I am not totally the -1 intelligence idiot, only LOWER cyber arm cause EVERY thread I found had people go "omg don't use cyberarm" yet I just think that having a hidden holster could be really useful while lower only doesn't go that deep into money, essence and stats?)
  • Mnemonic Enhancer 2
  • Used Muscle Toner 3
  • Sleep Regulator
  • Synaptic Booster
  • Bone Lacing (Aluminium)
  • Used Internal Air Tank 3
  • Skilljack 1
  • Cybereyes Basic 3 (Flare Comp, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermo Vision, Vision Magnification, Vision Enhancement 2)
  • Used Obvious Left Lower Arm (Commlink [Sony Emperor], Cyber Holster, Spurs)

(5 seater, not too expensive, unassuming, japanese brand [cause duh, still racist as shit])
Toyota Talon (Anti-Theft 2)

(loud Ares Alpha to blow shit up and more low profile Ares Crusader II, plus shock gloves for extra unarmed damage and knife just in case)
  • Ares Alpha (200 reg, 7 spare clip, 40 gel, 6 smoke grenade, 6 thermal smoke grenade, 9 Flash-Bang, 9 High-Explosive)
  • Ares Crusader II (200 reg, 5 spare clip, 50 APDS, 50 gel)
  • Shock Gloves
  • Survival Knife

(Suit cause Yakuza, the helmet for when stuff really gets rough)
  • Armante Suit
  • Armor Jacket
  • Forearm Guards
  • Clothing (500 nuyen)
  • Helmet
  • Body Armor Bag

(Skillsoft for the intelligence thing mentioned under Cyber, a fake SIN to cover why he got the shit he does, and some comfy cramped low lifestyle for half a year cause the clan cares about where to find him when stuff goes south lol)
  • DocWagon Contract Basic
  • Skillsoft Network, Basic 1
  • Fake SIN 4 (Concealed Carry 4, Firearms 4, Driver's License 4)
  • Low Lifestyle (Cramped)

  • 15 Karma remaining
  • Essence 1.58
  • 1,745 Nuyen

So yeah, this is essentially what I got based on what I thought works/is useful + from going over ~20 Sam builds and their discussion here. He feels pretty tanky and strong, but that might just be cause my other two builds were....well, a face and a shaman who are both not exactly the championship boxer type. Also as stated, I am pretty new, so try to be clear in what you'd take away or add cause I am still not familiar with all the slang xD"


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« Reply #1 on: <07-19-20/2259:02> »
Okay, one of your qualities jumps out at me.  High Pain Tolerance is great - for someone without augmentations.  For someone augmented, it is 14 Karma to get what 4,000 Nuyen can get you (a damage compensator Rating: 2).

With 14 Karma, you could drop Charisma to 1, raise it up to 2 again with 10 Karma, and spend the Attribute point you saved to raise Body to 4 (which I consider a minimum for a front-line combatant).  Then, with the 4 remaining Karma, buy Armorer: 1 and Automotive Mechanic: 1, freeing up 2 skill points to spend.  And you will still have the leftover 15 Karma to spend.

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« Reply #2 on: <07-20-20/0211:39> »
For the record, in SRM firearms are illegal in NT, plus their availabilities go up. Not sure if that impacts chargen, but if it does, it's impossible to get an Ares Alpha in chargen. Don't get me started on +8 Availability on Heavy Weapons. Even the Crusader would go from 9R to 13F, making it unavailable as well. So the first thing you should do, is figure out how much of the Shadowrun Missions Neo-Tokyo rules apply in the campaign. If the rules apply, I'd grab Pistols instead of Automatics, and get some non-forbidden tasers while you're at it.
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« Reply #3 on: <07-20-20/0218:09> »
I'm assuming they're not formally doing SRM.  Made Man would be another problem if they are.

But even if the GM is using Neo-Tokyo SRM material for a home campaign... it's a home campaign.  No need to stick to SRM campaign rules!
RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.


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« Reply #4 on: <07-20-20/0553:08> »
Ah, I wasn't aware of Neo-Tokyo having that (the GM only mentioned that openly carrying ANY weapon is illegal when I asked about carrying a katana since Corporate Enclaves mentioned that it is cool to carry bladed weapons for fashion).
I will ask them about whether or not those rules are active (if yes, then that might be relevant for everyone else in the group as well anyway o_o
But yeah, the GM is not doing any ready missions and instead building their own stuff, so it might be fine with just normal restrictions and availability? But yeah, gonna ask.

GM said that they don't go by strict SRM rules. Aka, normal availability applies and I can essentially get what I want (especially thanks to Made Man), BUT it is illegal to carry any weapon. So I can have 5 assault rifles if I have the money and desire, but if any of them is visible, I am in hot trouble.

Regarding the damage compensator, that one seems to not exist in Chummer5a which might explain why I missed it. (Looking through the github discussion, there seem to be issues in how Chummer deals with them currently which might be that they took them out for now?)
I will file it as an issue in case it is not intended to be nonexistent and have put critter pheromones in for now (they cost 2k per rating and under "specialization" I noted that it's supposed to be a damage compensator).

I will check back with the GM and then see to look over the whole thing again.

Ok, Chummer sheet will get imported to Roll20, so I can just the pheromones now and then edit it in the proper sheet later :P
Soooo, time to get rid of the quality and have some damage compensators.
Also, by talking with another group member, it seems to be MY Chummer only cause THEY have the frigging compensators <_<
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« Reply #5 on: <07-20-20/1055:58> »
Speaking as one of the writers for season 10... I happen to know that the Neo-Tokyo campaign uses Corporate Enclaves as one of its bedrock sources.  So yes you ordinarily should be fine carrying a katana around. 

That being said however, your GM is indeed the highest authority. So if he wants to say no open carry for swords, then that's the law of the campaign.  Likewise just because SRM says "no Yakuza characters" it doesn't mean your GM has to ban Made Man.  Ask nicely about the swords and point out Corp Enclaves.  Maybe he honestly didn't know.  But if he's got a reason to not allow open carry for swords, then that's that.
RPG mechanics exist to give structure and consistency to the game world, true, but at the end of the day, you’re fighting dragons with algebra and random number generators.