Kittah K.A.I. AI Rigger

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Fairly "standard" Rigger stuff, other than the lack of a Team Mom van.  Get your own scooter!

Does the Shooting, Scouting, PAN Protection stuff that a Rigger does.  Everything is self contained in the Harrier, a Russian Doll of Drones that deploy.  The main combat and infiltration Drone is the Nissan Samurai with the Opossum in backpack mode.  The Samurai has Realistic Features 3 so can fairly easily do social encounters if there are no checkpoints/weapon scanners to go through.  For when the Deathbot is just too much trouble to bring the Hawker-Siddley Bat is a fuzzy plush toy looking thing with Trid and AR projectors so Kittah can have a meat space presence if needed.  The Vulcan Utility One and Opossum are essentially the pit crew and the Roller-bombs are there because I couldn't jam a Grenade Launcher into the Samurai.

For non-Rigger stuff, Charisma 4 ain't bad, splash social skills and pick up some specializations down the line so as to get above the "Not a Liability" mark. 

Memory test of 20 and Photographic Memory is 20 Dice and free Edge for every Knowledge skill test.  With the Scholastic Mage Quality Kittah has around 30 Knowledge skills.  The Legwork phase of the run should pretty much just be Kittah handing over a file to the team with most of the available legwork info. 

Kittah can hack.  Badly.  But any Devices lying around, small Hosts, and most PANs should be doable.  Big boy Hosts are just an LOL Nope! 

Build was done using Point Buy, and Mission FAQ when applicable. 

Immediate upgrades that could not be purchased during chargen would be the Run Silent, Run Deep program at 9, Attribute Mastery Intuition. After a few runs Realistic Features 4 and Chameleon Coating for the Samurai.  And the usual rounding out of skills that Shadowrun characters do.