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Character creation and critique / SR6: Social Street Samurai
« Last post by Ajax on <11-20-23/1851:26> »


Personal Data
Birth Name Horatio Hornblower Nelson
Metatype Elf Ethnicity  Tír Tairngire
Born 15 May 2057 (Age 23) Sex Male
Height 1.90 m (6'3")  Weight 75 kg (165 lbs.)   

Metatype D Attributes A Skills C Magic E Resources B

Karma Expenditures
Starting Karma         50
Positive Qualities      10
Negative Qualities   -30
Attributes                35
Skills                       34
Resources                  1
Remaining                  0

Attribute Description.....Value....Attribute Description.....Value
Agility7 ( 10 )Magic--
Reaction5 ( 10 )Initiative13 + 4d6
Strength4Matrix VR Initiative5 + 2d6 (Cold)
Willpower3Astral Initiative--
Intuition5Judge Intentions8
Edge2Lift/Carry160 kg
Surprise15Movement10 m
Damage Resist0Defense Rating8 (Body + Armanté Suit, Ballistic Mask)

Core Combat Info
Primary Armor Armanté Suit, Ballistic Mask
Primary Ranged Weapon: Ares Light Fire 75
Primary Melee Weapon Shock Gloves

Condition Monitor
Phys 10
Stun 10

Active Skill Name .....Specialization .....Rating .....Dice Pool
Close Combat212
FirearmsSMGs414 (16)
InfluenceNegotiation614 (16)
Language and Knowledge Skills: English (N), Sperethiel (1); Cocktails, Nightclubs, Organized Crime

Candle in the Darkness +5
Networker +5

Addiction (Longhaul; Rt.5) -10
Honorbound (Pirate Code) -10
Incompetent (Outdoors) -10
In Debt -0

Primary Lifestyle: Apartment in Yakuza-owned Building Neighborhood: Middle; Necessities: Middle; Comforts: High; Security: Middle; Entertainment: High; Space: Middle; Qualities: Bribed Security, Reliable Utilities, Mr. Johnson's Neighborhood (¥6,000 per Month)
Nuyen: ¥ 50
Fake IDs / Related Lifestyles / Funds / Licenses
Raymond "Ray" CHIAO Fake SIN 4; Primary Lifestyle; Fake Licenses (Concealed Carry, Firearms, Smartlink, Cyberware)

Contact's Name ....................Contact Type ....Contact Area ....Connection ......Loyalty .........
YOSHIDA ShigeruMitsuhama Wage SlaveCorporate22 (4)
TAKESHITA NoburoShiawase Wage SlaveCorporate22 (4)
Georgia GIBSONCriminal LawyerCorporate48 (10)
"Jackie O'LanternGo-Gang LeaderCriminal43 (5)
"Trixie Treet"Go-Gang MemberCriminal25 (7)
ITO KenjiYakuza SoldierCriminal32 (4)
Rachel KELLERBloggerMedia32 (4)
SHOW SatoClub OwnerMedia38 (10)
"Doctor Knick"Street DocMedical32 (4)
Rebecca PORTERBartenderStreet26 ( 8 )
KIKUCHI EmiCocktail WaitressStreet26 ( 8 )
RENTA HiroFixerStreet43 (5)
Frank SOLEILGamblerStreet22 (5)

Ares Light Fire 75 Light Pistol
 w/ Special Silencer
 w/ Concealable Holster
 w/ 5x Magazine (16x Stick-n-Shock Caseless Ammo Each)
 w/ 2x Magazines (16x Regular Caseless Ammo Each)
 w/ 1x Magazines (16x APDS Caseless Ammo Each)

Colt Secret Agent Hold-Out Pistol
 w/ Hidden Arm Slide
 w/ 2x Magazines (6x Regular Caseless Ammo Each)

Ingram Smartgun XI
 w/ Tactical Sling
 w/ 2x Magazines (32x APDS Ammo Caseless Each)
 w/ 3x Magazines (32x Regular Caseless Ammo Each)

Katanta (w/ Dikote, Personalised Grip, Melee Quick Draw Sheath)
Grenade, Stun (x1)
Grenade, Thermal Smoke (x2)
Shock Gloves

Loose Ammo: Light Pistol (Regular Caseless) 100x
Loose Ammo: Hold-Out (Regular Caseless) 50x
Loose Ammo: SMG (Regular Caseless) 100x

Armanté Suit (w/ Electric Resistance 4)
Armor Vest
Ballistic Mask

Matrix Stats
Primary Device: Sony Emperor (DR2; D1, F1, P1)

Augmentation Name ..................Level .........Essence Cost ..Notes ..
Cybereyes30.24Alpha; Flare Comp, Image Link, Low-Light, Smartlink, Vision Enhancement
Cyberears20.16Alpha; Audio Enhancement, Damper, Soundlink, Omni-directional Mic
Reaction Enhancers30.90--
Wired Reflexes22.20Used
Muscle Toner30.66Used
Platelet Factories--0.20--
Tailored Pheromones30.66Used

Other Gear
AR Gloves
Credstick, Standard
Flaslight, Low-Light
Gas Mask
Longhaul (5x)
MetaLink disposable commlink
Yamaha Rapier motorcycle

Once upon a time, the Nelsons were nice middle-middle class family of nice middle-middle class people, with a comfortable Beaverton corporate-owned suburban home, two comfortable corporate-owned minivans, and the corporate-approved two point five kids, attending corporate-run technical schools. They even had a comfortable corporate-approved labradoodle. Edmund Nelson was a professor of naval history at a corporate-run university in Portland, or Cara'sir in Sperethiel, and Catherine Nelson was a comfortable housewife. Youngest son, Maurice Nelson is in a corporate-run kindergarten; middle child, Susannah Nelson, is the star of her corporate-run school choir; and their eldest son, Horatio Nelson, was bored out of his comfortable, corporate-run skull.

Horatio, bored with his predictable life, ran away at the age of thirteen, ending up in Seattle's Puyallup Barrens. Enduring hardships, he caught the attention of a local Fixer and Yakuza associate, Renta Hiro, who took the young elf under his tattooed wing.

Freed from his corporate-approved upbringing, Horatio thrived in the shadows, his elven grace and combat prowess proving to be formidable assets. Now known as "Ratio," he has became a renowned street samurai, known for both lethal combat skills and unparalleled skills as a negotiator. Ratio seamlessly navigated the intricate dance of alliances and rivalries that defined the shadows of Seattle.

Ratio is a pretty classic "Street Samurai," although he bucks the trend of the "Charisma Dump Stat" fighting man. He's got serious social skills and he's really good with a gun. He's beauty. He's grace. He's getting paid to shoot you in the face.

Comments, criticism, and optimization advice welcome!
At the risk of being unfashionably enthusiastic, Scotophobia is already my single favourite 5e/6e plot book.  There is a lot happening, and it is so easy to bring it into my home games.  I'm planning on running Third Parallel first (I was already going to start it soon, but now it is also a good lead into the events in Scotophobia), but I'm already just about salivating at how I'm going to kick things off, some of the big names that are going to show up in our games (everywhere from a news brief to actually talking to PCs), some of the high stakes events that should provide a ton of motivation beyond just survival, profit, and the power of friendship.

It doesn't hurt that it aligns with a bunch of themes that were already in my home games, but even without that I think it is just such a useable book as a GM.
Rules and such / Re: Mana barriers and DNI,s
« Last post by Xenon on <11-18-23/0559:00> »
when a mana barrier is up would a mundane be able to just walk thru it
Yes. Also awakened that does not currently use astral perception or astral projection or critters that are not dual natured. They would typically not even notice that its there (but note that sustained spells and active foci etc will cause astral intersection)

or would it stop or slow them down, same with and awaken with no sustained spells or foci?
Awakened (in this edition) are not stopped or slowed down by mana barriers, unless they are currently dual natured.

what cyber do you need to have a DNI with your gear?
You get DNI by wearing trodes (no cyber).
Or by having an implanted datajack, cyberjack, control rig, commlink or cyberdeck.

DNI is useful for AR as it may replace need of devices such as earbuds and an image link.

To get "Super AR" where you not only see and hear the matrix, but also feel, smell and taste it, you need a SIM module (using a commlink modded with a SIM module, accessing the matrix via a cyberdeck or by having an implanted control rig).

To enter VR you need both DNI and SIM module.

To jump in you need to be able to access VR but you also need to have an implanted control rig (and the target device need to have a rigger interface and you need to have access on the network the target device is part of). If you use a RCC then you may jump between devices without first jumping out.
I think it was just an issue for the initial release, it was $19 on DriveThruRPG when I purchased it last night.

Now, I do have to say, I'm enjoying the heck out of this book so far. :D
Found a Scotland-hater.
Chan e, tha gaol agam air Alba!
I think it was just an issue for the initial release, it was $19 on DriveThruRPG when I purchased it last night.

Now, I do have to say, I'm enjoying the heck out of this book so far. :D
Found a Scotland-hater.
General Discussion / SR4A Review
« Last post by EltonJ on <11-16-23/1537:04> »
I did a review of the SR4A core rulebook.  It can be accessed [ur=]here[/url].
Gamemasters' Lounge / [SR4A] The Party in Aztechnology
« Last post by EltonJ on <11-16-23/1338:16> »
Yes, I still run SR4A.

Ahem, the party was preparing a birthday party to be held in Aztechnology.  The group separated, half went to the mainframe while the other half attended the party.  The party was Jane Austen themed.  While the party went on, the group's technomancer hacked into Aztechnology mainframe.  The mission goal was this: to get the company tax records to make sure they were filed correctly.  The secondary aim is simple: the Vories sent their own Shadowrunners to hack into Aztechnology.  However, their hacker's brain was fried.  So Aztechnology was hiding something valuable.

While the sys admin for the mainframe was an orc who was dressed and made up like a Goth, Magpie (the party's technomancer) hacked into the mainframe remotely.  She didn't want to disturb the orc goth.  When Magpie hacked into the system, two hackers from Renraku attacked the Virtual Aztechnology pyramid -- this was after Mags spoofed the Access IC to gain access.

The system's Black IC responded to the two intruders, manifesting as a feathered serpent. While the feathered serpent IC was swallowing one of the Renraku  hackers, Magpie slipped by and managed to find the records room.  She found there were ten file cabinets.  Two of them had IC attached to them -- one a Data Bomb (that the file cabinet marked Projects), and another a tar baby (that was the file cabinet marked Accounting).

Magpie managed to trick both IC and copied the files in both cabinets.  Meanwhile, the party was getting into full swing when the lights shut off.  When they came back on one of the party goers was found dead.  The party's muscle and doctor -- a minotaur troll named Icarus -- found that the dead guy was killed by Cyanide.  He was an elf who was in charge of the computer systems on the third floor.

After the session, one of the players said I made the session good this time with twists and turns. I was clearly in the Zone for that night.  Also new plans: the players might have to do some sleuthing to find out who killed the party goer.  I have 3 players right now, and they had a blast.

I think it was just an issue for the initial release, it was $19 on DriveThruRPG when I purchased it last night.

Now, I do have to say, I'm enjoying the heck out of this book so far. :D
DrivethruRPG has updated their price now from $49 to $19
There seems to be a price discrepancy on the Scotophobia pdf between DriveThru and the Catalyst site, it's significantly cheaper direct from Catalyst... I picked it up from there and looking forward to reading through it!
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